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  1. Does this forum page will be closed when they are near end of development or this will be open for ever?
  2. i got an thunderstorm last night :x
  3. Hi todday i was looking furies and in the Lounge i can off topic so if you ARE a furry please send me a message im curious and i want to discuss to a furry because im interested on them they are so cool but i think will not them here :x
  4. i wanted to know if ksp 2 will have his own music it will be cool and different and specific music in certain situations like at the launch or in re entry what do you think?
  5. Hello , I have a question for moderators can i direct message mods or not? even if is off topic?
  6. Yes Nuclear engine should be powerfull because : Fission and fusion are two physical processes that produce massive amounts of energy from atoms. so an engine than use nuclear sould be powerfull too , good isp and thrust and nuclear reaction produce far more energy than chemical engine they should crush chemical engines by their power and isp thrust ...
  7. want to see it? it's a bit childish :c
  8. Hi i wanted to know what are your favorites planets in ksp For me it is Laythe and minmus and with scatterer it is amazing
  9. Hi i it would be cool if we had caves or underground biome but only 1 and with underground features to scan and they can give more than the surface one but they be harder to scan because you will need to enter the cave they don't need to be very big but less than 10 m in diameter and could find ressources for the colonys if they use special ones . Im curious to see if this is a good idea
  10. or you can wait and will show the pillow case when i got it and my bolster match my bedding too .. But my pillow case is still in delivery so you will wait if you choise the number 1 or provide a web page? i don't if on the website the link to th pictrue is avalable...
  11. you will see if u want and yes it match my bedding
  12. hi off topic thing : i wanted to talk abbout my new pillow case , it so cute but i wnated to talk abbout this (why i talk abbout my new pillow case? strange ideas sometimes )
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