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  1. Today, I finished the career mode of KSP ! After playing several months the same save, I finally did it ! My last mission was a science mission to Eve, and its moon Gilly. I had to earn more than 3000 science to research the last three techs, which cost 1000 each. So, I just put a lab with scientific instruments on top of 4 nukes and a little lander. After assembling the ship in orbit I successfully reached Eve : After making a few experiments I plotted my course to Gilly and arrived 8 days later : I transfered Lodlock Kerman in the lander, then I undocked it and lande
  2. Today I landed on Pol, which was a mission I planned aaaages ago... Before flight I planned to go to Pol and Vall with my fellow Kerbals, but I unfortunately overestimated the Dv of my mothership. So, I landed on Pol because... there's no point landing on a big Minmus, right? Also, I love those weirdy spikes you find at it's surface... So here's Paul Kerman (yeah I also landed there for the joke) getting into the (massively overpowered) lander: Then I smoothly landed on the almost gravityless body: Then I planted a flag and set up those experiments:
  3. I've been in a lot of places, like Jool's Moons (I have currently a Kerballed mission to Vall and Pol), Duna, Gilly and even Dres (@Lewie I can confirm that it exists, I saw it with my very eyes ).
  4. I guess they are going to be revamped in the next update.
  5. So today I recovered my Kerbals from Duna, and I had so many problems on the return trip that I thought I would never make it back! The launch itself went pretty well, and I got that Rendez-vous at the first try! I also docked to the mother ship pretty easily But then, the series of problems begun : First, due to a weird bug, the tracking station behaved like if it was at level 1 ! Being in sandbox, I couldn't do anything but restarting the game, because I couldn't make a maneuver node! I finally managed to solve the problem by launching a part on the l
  6. I built a rather big interplanetary ship, nuclear powered, which goal was to land three kerbals on Duna. It consists of a big service module with a crew capacity of seven Kerbals, and a lander with a crew capacity of three. And so I launched all of this in one piece in a massive launcher : The launch went OK with this three-stage launcher Stage separations: I performed also the orbit insertion burn with this stage equipped with three vectors engines Now you can see my ship in all its glory! The Nukes gave me more than enough Dv : about 4000 m/s
  7. Take it! It's actually a little stress ball. Waiter! There's a whole pile of books in my soup!
  8. Yeah, but I suppose that developing a game needs an extreme level of cooperation between the developers. I don't think that they will be as productive at home as if they were at the office.
  9. Do you think that the current coronavirus crisis will affect the development of KSP 2 ?
  10. Cleperli


    Elysium Planitia, Mars
  11. Banned for trapping kerbals in pyramids.
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