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  1. Here's my version of it (work in progress though):
  2. Not the birthday party kind- but the dirigible kind! We could design a floating- neutrally buoyant- base for drifting around Eve, Duna, or Laythe! Perhaps even an electric pump part that would need to be powered by electricity- and reserve tanks that could pump the gas from themselves to the balloon part to control buoyancy. Kind of an inflate to rise, deflate to lower deal. Any takers? *Edit: How about we also tie in ISRU- with a special tiny converter that only creates gasses: one for each of the atmospheric types. Just in case you need to top off the tanks.
  3. I have a similar design that I got to work super well- but it involves the KAL-1000... Assign your rotor torques and blade authority to the KAL, change the duration from "5" to "100" (to simulate 0%-100%). Then, assign that KAL to your main throttle. Now- here's the tricky part: one blade set's authority should always be set to negative, and the other positive. (You'll have to experiment to find which is which... sorry!) Also, With a rear rotor higher than the front one (how I built mine), the front blades are usually 7-10% lower than the back ones. This video helped me a lot- but it's long. If you want to skip to the part about how to set up the KAL, skip to about 28 min. I should also add: the only time I've had an issue with rolling (not pitch) is from an unbalanced craft. Even just the .3 tons of a large science arm were enough to force my craft to veer to the side if left alone. The only way I could think to effectively fix it was to attach a radial ore tank to the opposite side, then fiddle with the ore-load to get the trim correct. Good luck!
  4. Thanks! It's just blowing my mind because I've never had this issue before. Never got a warning message either. Even at 1x, the wheels are stuttering like I've never seen before- even on old craft I've driven all over Duna/Laythe with that had no issues with earlier. Was it some kind of update?
  5. Thanks! However, it's all wheels- including the big XL3s that don't really dampen. And my issue isn't happening when I exit time warp, it's happening during. I've noticed that while driving in normal time, the wheels look like they're skittering- kinda jittery motion that doesn't really affect anything; but when I start to warp, she completely explodes. No issues with turning. I'm thinking I may have accidentally switched over to physics warp? How can I tell?
  6. I've never had an issue using time warp while driving a rover, and now anytime I try it spazzes out and destroys itself. Even old craft, that worked before, now just crumble in time warp. Is this something I've done, or is this an issue everyone has? *Mods: Planetary Base Inc and Mechjeb
  7. I don't know if this is the right spot for this question because I don't know if this is a technical question- or if the game was updated and everyone's is like this. The issue I'm having is any rover I build, with any type of wheels, will flip way out when running at timewarp. The wheels spaz out, and it flips my craft every time. Is this just me?
  8. When installing the mod, first extract the files to a folder. Then, within that folder, as Cavscout said, will be the three folders. Move the one named "PlanetaryBaseInc" into your main "Game Data" folder for the game, and you should be good to go.
  9. If at first you violently explode, try try again!
  10. Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce the Gotterdammerung Mobile Base (GMB)! Equipped with ISRU, greenhouse, science lab, and deployable short-range science rover, this juggernaut has everything you could need to explore those far away places in style and comfort. With individual cabins for the CO, XO, Chief Engineer, and Operations Officer forward, junior officer's country in the aft superstructure, and port/starboard enlisted berthings for 18 crew with their own office each, this behemoth is never short-staffed; and comfortable watch rotations ensure plenty of rest and relaxation. The aft superstructure's lower level contains the ship's daily operations and communications center. Just forward of that is the special operations center for coordinating science rover expeditions. Forward of that is the base's next-generation science lab for processing that juicy data. Above the senior officer's quarters is the greenhouse for both research and feeding the crew. Forward of the greenhouse is the bridge where the navigator and helmsman wrestle the beast over strange exotic biomes. Just underneath the bridge is the engineering control center for mining and ISRU operations, as well as the extendable grabber arm to facilitate refueling of other craft. The deployable science rover is snugly tucked away in the aft payload bay next to the RTG banks. When deployed, the craft is rotated 90 degrees to make driving away from, and back into, much easier. It is equipped with the full range of non-atmosphere ground science (five star deployment crew strongly suggested) but can easily be refitted for atmospheric science. Its large science arm is perfect for those hard to reach places. After deployment of the seismic ground experiment, the main craft has two small impactor rockets to make booms for the seismometer. Happy exploring! *Mods: K&K Planetary Base Inc., MechJeb *Craft file available on Facebook's Kerbal group.
  11. Oh, I'm not saying there's no way to do this; simply no convenient way. Not everything I build has RCS on it (like large stations).
  12. Awesome! I also saw they're going to update parts to self-interact. I've been designing a flatbed truck to tow an ascent vehicle behind a manned science rover, and it would have REALLY helped if I could tell certain parts not to simply ghost through structural elements... Even with dry weight, a Tylo ascent craft is kinda heavy. I was trying to make some sort of stability assist for it, but everything just passed through anything else attached to the craft. I'm really looking forward to that!