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  1. There is no supported career mode for RO unless you play RP-1. Play RP-1 to have a realistic career.
  2. It really doesn't matter. Back up of course, but just swapping it out with the update will almost always work. Half the time it's just config changes. Love your reddit posts.
  3. You can find the equation poking around in the code. The first crew of test pilots aren't really expected to be your first astronauts. Think Chuck Yeager, not John Glenn.
  4. This is brilliant. Very exciting seeing this develop.
  5. 1. Principia 2. RSS/RO/RP-1 3. a Buttload of visual mods
  6. oh my god whatever this thrust-augmented timeline in which the bdb-iverse lives is the timeline I want to move to
  7. Absolutely British bullexcrementstery. LH2-HTP, because you love mixing cryos & non-cryos & the densest & lightest propellants in one stage? Yes please!
  8. What is that paneled nozzle based on? Is it supposed to be ablative? I don't believe I've ever seen a nozzle with that kind of construction before. Regardless, that mount looks great. Would be interesting to see a version of the vacuum engine that has a gimbled turbopump exhaust vernier for roll control.
  9. New Thermosphere Research contracts: New Bio contracts (mass spec contracts are very similar) Revised roadmap:
  10. Unless the canards are all-moving surfaces, I find it difficult to believe that those control surfaces would provide any pitch authority in the hypersonic regime. Has reentry been tested with FAR?
  11. That looks like the horizon for Kerbin-sized planet.
  12. 这是未翻译的文档,但是它将回答您的大多数ROEngines问题。 NoNonRO和NoNonRP0可以正常工作。 https://github.com/KSP-RO/ROEngines/blob/master/README.md Good luck!
  13. Only semi-related to your questions, but: for PVG (nothing else) https://github.com/KSP-RO/RP-0/wiki/TroubleshootingMechJebPVG
  14. What engine are those based on? Look suspiciously like early XLR4x Navaho motors with the conical expansion nozzle. Very proto-Atlasy shot below...
  15. Added meaningful complexity in a model will always cause the player with an eye to efficiency to have to perform more work in configuration and optimization. If they do not, the added complexity is not meaningful, as the solution space within which the player must optimize is no more varied than before. RA is in full release & is completely functional. Very strong personal recommendation. Bonus: configuring new parts is trivial with RA, because it requires only physical characterization of the part model. I'm talking 2 line configs.
  16. Are there any plans to officially recompile for 1.8? I've attempted it but it looks best done on a Linux box.
  17. I am attempting to write a node with a generated name. @CONTRACT_TYPE:HAS[#cooldown]:FOR[zGenericValueContracts] { DATA { type = int waitDays = 0 expectedDays = #$../cooldown$ doublingPeriods = 3 } DATA { type = float fullTime = @waitDays + @expectedDays elapsedDays = Round((UniversalTime() - COOLDOWN_ITERATOR) / 86400.0) amountRecovered = (COOLDOWN_ITERATOR + 0) == 0 ? 1 : (@elapsedDays - @waitDays) / @expectedDays cooldownMultiplier = Log(Max(@amountRecovered, 1), @doublingPeriods) + Max(Min(@amountRecovered, 1), 0) cooldownMultiplierPercent = Round(@cooldownMultiplier * 100, 1) } BEHAVIOUR { name = SoftCooldownLogCompletionTime type = Expression CONTRACT_COMPLETED_SUCCESS { COOLDOWN_ITERATOR = UniversalTime() } } @description ^= :$:<br><br><b>This contract has reduced value after recent completion. Value will return to 100% after @fullTime days from the last completion. Value will slowly continue to rise after 100%. Current value is @cooldownMultiplierPercent% of the nominal amount.: } Everything that is COOLDOWN_ITERATOR needs to be a unique value per CONTRACT_TYPE. What I hoped to do was to do another pass regex find-&-replacing all COOLDOWN_ITERATOR with #$../name$ concatenated with some string like "_iterator". But I've got no clue how to do that, particularly because of this line: CONTRACT_COMPLETED_SUCCESS { COOLDOWN_ITERATOR = UniversalTime() } Where I would need to change the node name, not just the value of the node. Does anybody have any ideas about to whom I could talk about this?
  18. Working on a new type of contract: the launch campaign. These will have high advances and long deadlines but steep penalties if you fail to deliver on the required missions! Don't procrastinate!
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