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  1. i have a question that this mod work with ksp 1.7.x???
  2. I Still couldnt get the controller out... the CaLeeCam2 is my root and also those other sliders arent showing along that i cant still couldnt turn on the ikrc controller yet i dont even know how to download it properly i used the option 2 of installation please help
  3. please help i dont know how to activate the IK robot controller please help me
  4. hello again @Beale! so i trying to build the Mir Modules and other TKS derived crafts i notice something with the fuel tanks they kinda look to far out and in the pictures of the old tantares and IRL that they close to the Size 2 pretty much touching them and i nothing else to say also thanks if u reply back
  5. @benjee10 hello and im having a issue with the file "htrobotics" i know it holds the robotic arms and bits but it seems i couldn't load it properly, on the grapple fixture, the piece that connect to the grapple fixture and the truss i also have IR next sequencer installed btw
  6. @benjee10 so the robotics the HTrobotics must have contain the robotic parts but i launched the game (as usual) the robotics are not showing up is their a way of enabling them???
  7. Help me i downloaded IR Next Squencer and Robotics but i tried making a Kerboarm the robotic parts are missing p.s i download the v3.0.2 1.7.2 above
  8. Does this mod work with KSP 1.7.x?? Curious! yet by the looks of it... it looks bueatiful
  9. im tryin' to download your Tantares-master.zip what is its content???
  10. hi again and i wanna ask you one more time does this work with ksp 1.7.x? curious
  11. ONE MORE THING BEFORE I PREPARE STARTING MY GAME. (srry4caps, lol) does BlueDogDesignBureu, and Tantares now in colour work work with KSP 1.7.x
  12. Quick question what is your current version of KSP and also i've notice that your Energia M has a custom launchpad and i also check that KS3P is outdated.
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