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  1. I am using KSP 1.8.1 with a large list of mods. When the loading gets to the expansions, it gets stuck and does not ever finish. I removed the expansions and it still get stuck on "loading expansions".
  2. I have recently updated my Macbook's OS as well as KSP 1.8 and when I go to full-screen mode there is really bad artifacting and red lines on the right and bottoms of the screen. I can't see the game well enough to play in windowed mode and the artifacting in full-screen is also unplayable. Please help.
  3. I have actually recently gone through each mod one by one, installing a mod, then loading the game, installing another mod, loading the game. I couldn't figure out where the discrepancy was. I'm sure no one can really tell me just off the top of their head what the issue is. I was hoping there was a game bug or some sort of known mod bug that was easily fixable. It may just be a case of a heavily modded game.
  4. Yeah, I have tried all those as well. It must be a mod. All my mods are up to date and currently work together. Maybe this is one instance where something isn't working properly.
  5. What exactly would you like a picture of? I mean, every vessel built with a jet engine has this problem. It's not just my own builds, but ones downloaded from Steam Workshop. I have like 45 different planes/space planes I could take a picture of that worked a couple months ago and now don't.
  6. No matter which jet engine I use, they all run out of intake air so quickly, I can't even leave the ground. I have hundreds of hours in game and have made many many planes, space planes, etc. This is only a recent issue. Even community-made planes run out of intake air within seconds. These are planes that I have flown and worked perfectly before, but now all of a sudden don't any more. My builds have plenty of intakes, power, fuel, etc. Nothing is obstructing the engine or inhibiting air or fuel flow. I can see the intakes sucking in air, but when I throttle up, it's all gone in seconds. Is t
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