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  1. KSP.AI.Mission(6, “Munar Station Assembly”);
  2. KSP.AI.Mission(5, “Munar Science Run”);
  3. KSP.AI.Mission(4, “Sat Delivery”);
  4. @fulgur Whelp, do to all the talk about programing, I'm back to attempting to make a game... Again... I blame you.
  5. KSP.AI.Mission(3, “To Da Mun!”);
  6. The Kerbin-Science-mk1 k-s-1-boot.ks core:part:getmodule("kOSProcessor"):doevent("Open Terminal"). runpath("0:/k-s-1.ks"). k-s-1.ks print("3"). wait 1. print("2"). wait 1. print("1"). wait 1. lock steering to up. lock throttle to 100. stage. print("Lift off!"). wait 60. SAS on. wait until altitude > 60000. print("Altitude 60K, Staging..."). stage. wait 2. lock throttle to 0. print("Launch Program End...").
  7. KSP.AI.Mission(2, “To Orbit!”);
  8. @FleshJeb Very interesting, I'll look into that. Thank you.
  9. I'll just add it to my list of stuff I probably shouldn't be doing. At least until I become addicted to something actually productive.
  10. @fulgur A) I don't have time for this... ooo, it worked... one more line.... B) and this is my biggest hangup... I don't know how i feel about learning a language that only works in KSP.
  11. @fulgur I was learning, (was makeing an idle game for andoid) but KSP took that time slot. I do need to actually learn. And now I want to go back to learning how to code.
  12. @fulgur You want me to replace all the AI's "personality" with actual code?
  13. KSP.AI.Mission(1, “Escape the Atmosphere”);
  14. Starting a career game doing all Unmanned missions... Link below if interested.