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  1. Hello, I have KSP 1.8, with kerbalism and CTT. Trying to get fuel cells to work, but they dont. The fuel cell says running, but there is no electricity generated. Also, the small pressurized containers seem to hold nothing. Any idea how i can fix this? Solar panels are 90 science, I can't get that without working fuel cells.
  2. Hello, I am trying to run KSP with the more "realistic" tech trees. Have tried Unmanned before manned, and ETT, but both of them still give me the command pod mk1 as starting pod, and not one of the unmanned ones. I checked the CFG files in both mods, and UBM should give me probecoreocto at start, and ETT should give me probeCoreSphere. But they don't and i do not understand why... I don't even have parachutes yet, so i can't do ANYTHING with the new tech tree. What is causing this? Also, as side question, is Kerbalism working with one of these? Just to confirm: Test
  3. Im running in the same problem, but i dont understand your solution. How do i add compatible versions??
  4. Just to confirm, this version will not work on 1.7.2 with the breaking ground DLC?
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