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  1. You're probably missing a dependency. You need unBlur for the toolbar controller (usually the one that gets missed). It works fine in 1.7.2. Need to test in 1.7.3.
  2. Posting a full log: I've been trying to track down the mod that's causing the problem so far. I know that it works fine with the following mods: BetterLoadSaveGame CTTP CustomBarnKit DistantObject EVE KerbalImprovedSaveSystem KittopiaTech Kopernicus ModularFlightIntegrator OPM PlanetShine scatterer SVE SVT Hope the log can help someone track down the issue! UPDATE 14-07-19: I seem to have resolved the issue for now. It seems like some of my craft files were messing it up. I removed all of them and added some select files and created some new files in a new save on the modded installation. It seems to be OK for now. Really not sure which craft file is the culprit! Also not sure why it happens. Any insight would be great
  4. I noticed this error cropping up a lot in my log file when running with KRASH on 1.7.3: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at KRASH.KRASH.Update () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 (Filename: Line: -1) NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at KRASH.KRASH.Update () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 (Filename: Line: -1) I was just testing things on 1.7.3, might roll back to 1.7.2 for a bit (well use my other installation directly).
  5. Yeah I checked the log and nothing seems to be showing up. This error crops up a lot despite the icon being in the specified folder. I'll have a try with some of those suggestions. I like the idea of adding it to an antenna or unmanned parts Yeah I didn't think about that bit when I was doing it. I just sort of did it. I knew what the outcome would be (that all commands would have both parts) but I wasn't sure how to make it only go on unmanned or manned. I'm kind of new at doing this and only worked out what I needed to write from reading other patches OK. I was just basing the syntax on syntax used for the kOS for all and MechJeb and KER patches that I have installed
  6. So I tried to be clever and wanted to include the transmitter and receiver into all command module no matter what (you can call it cheating, I call it being sensible my probe cores are advanced enough that they have GPS built in). So I wrote this in a little patch: I have a feeling that it doesn't work properly though. I have the option for "Turn off GPS" and "Turn off receiver" showing when I right-click a command module but it doesn't say that any satellites are in range. I currently have 4 satellites in KEO for RemoteTech up alongside 3 other satellites I made for Kerbal GPS (in the suggest GPS orbit). Is there something I'm maybe missing to get it to work? Any help would be great Can provide a log and list of mods if required.
  7. I found where they are: KSP_Directory\GameData\GravityTurn\Plugins\PluginData\GravityTurn. One final question: Before reverting the launch/ending my simulation does the rocket need to reach the apoapsis or does it only need to have completed the burn for the correct apoapsis?
  8. I'm really starting to like this mod now that I understand how to shape the cones myself for some precision. There are just some quality of life improvements that could be made. I like to build my fairing and then do final adjustments on my payload. Currently I have to either remove the bottom of the rocket (from the fairing base) or the fairings themselves and it feels messy. How easy is it to add the ability to open the fairing whilst in the VAB and/or to make it transparent? This functionality is provided by Simple Adjustable Fairings and I feel like it could work well here. Overall: great mod now that I know how to use it!
  9. Cool thanks @TaxiService I meant to come back and edit my post as I have it installed now Just starting work on satellites!
  10. I can't remember where I saw it but I seem to remember there being a config file to remove the ability to hire Kolonists (Technicians etc) from the Astronaut Complex at KSC. Or am I making that up? I want to use MKS and some of the mods but I'm not too bothered about having the new job traits. I did check the wiki, KSPedia and the config files but I couldn't find anything. Any help would be great Update: I found the setting. It was in the main game difficulty settings.
  11. Does the current version work with Breaking Ground at all? Or it's 100% not going to work? I run on 1.7.2 with both DLCs and want to run RemoteTech but I'm happy to wait for 1.7.3 if that's what I need to do.
  12. That's what I thought. I think doing something like KRASH or a sandbox game might work yeah. I'm OK with doing that - like you say it's a justifiable thing. I'm simulating like you would if you had a real rocket program! Can I move and modify the GT launch files whilst the game is running?
  13. I'm guessing that when taking the name for future launch improvements is uses the craft name at launch? I'm asking because I use Project Manager which uses a project tag and a number or letter to rename the craft at launch. I'm running some tourism missions right now which use the same rocket design but every launch it has a different name. I'm guessing the only way to get the benefit of Gravity Turn learning about launches is to not use Project Manager for all of my missions?
  14. Thanks @DMagic I managed to get a satellite up today with a scanner on it for the biome scan.
  15. I have read the wiki and the documents, but I'm still a bit confused about how I go about doing a biome scan using SCANsat. My resource settings are Resource Biome Lock: ON Require Narrow Band Scanner: ON Instant Resource Scan: ON Disable Stock Scanning: OFF Basically I want to have the mapping features of SCANsat without making things too complex for myself (which I why I didn't disable stock scanning). I want to be able to scan a planet (currently looking to start with Kerbin) with the M700 scanner and then use the M4435 Narrow-Band Scanner to give me a high resolution scan. I think my settings allow me to do this? I'm a bit confused however how to get a biome scan using SCANsat. I know that for stock you would use a probe core and it would use the KerbNet functionality but of course that doesn't display all the time. I want to use the SCANsat map to always see a map of the planets biomes without cheating via the Alt-F12 option. Right now I'm not sure how I would achieve a biome scan using a Probodobodyne HECS2 in a 100km polar orbit (what I launched to last time) and SCANsat. Am I doing this right? Sorry if I'm being thick just some of the explanations are a bit confusing for me This seems like a really cool mod and I really just want it to complement and slightly enhance what exists from stock - I want SCANsat maps of my biomes, I'm happy to use the new SCANsat parts but I want it to be completed via 2 to 4 scanning probe launches (maybe a few more if it needs it) but nothing too complex. Any help is appreciated. Or even a link to a good video tutorial for the most recent version before the new release - I couldn't find many good ones last night sadly. Update: Of course I forgot that there is a KSPedia section in game for SCANsat - I feel like an idiot now. I read that I think I understand things a bit better now - I need to use the Multispectral Sensor to generate any biome data. Going to launch and see if it works!