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  1. I did read something about this elsewhere - procedural textures (which is how decoupler shrouds like these work) are apparently quite complex to do cleanly. Unless you make a specific texture for each part (like the stock/ReStock ones) then it will never be as detailed. Can't remember where I read it, but it may have been in the Procedural Fairings thread.
  2. Thanks for the update. Still getting the orbit selection bug but I have narrowed it down - it seems to be an issue with the ALL option. If I go to the "Landed" tab, select "Planets", and then go into the "Orbit" tab I can select a planet to orbit around. "Moons" works the same. Going back to "All" breaks it again. As for mods that cause it to happen - still not a clue. I had Bon Voyage as causing a problem and now it's Tarsier Space Technology but running Tarsier Space Technology and KRASH together with nothing else is absolutely fine so there's some awful interaction somewhere. No
  3. There is also an updated version with a fix made by taniwha which removes the bug. But yes...you need to open the hatches too
  4. I have a weird interaction between this mod and KRASH: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/133082-17-krash-kerbal-ramification-artificial-simulation-hub-simulation-mod-for-ksp-cost-settings-have-been-change/#comments When I have Tarsier and KRASH installed (plus some other mods) then I cannot use the orbit selection menu in KRASH - nothing shows at all. I've posted logs in the KRASH thread (look towards the end) - but no one seems to have a clue how to fix it! I realise that Tarsier is probably not the only issue here - something in KRASH clearly doesn't like a GUI
  5. OK - Tarsier Space Tech is also causing me problems - this is insane! I want to use KRASH - it's great for testing craft (much easier than launching and then doing Hyperedit fixes for orbits etc) - but I want to use the parts from Tarsier Space Tech - why would they be interacting with each other and causing the orbit selection window to not work?
  6. I have made a copy of my current install and I'm trying to add KSPIE to it - however every time I launch KSP, I get a fatal B9PartSwitch error and it needs to close the game. My current mod list runs perfectly: https://pastebin.com/gnEZu3tr but adding the KSPIE mods causes the B9 Part Switch error. I have some log files which I will post soon (I need to dig them out from Google Drive). This is one of the error that pops up: In the KSPIE install I am using the latest TweakScale and Lisia's MM fork. Nothing else has changed. Using the latest KSPIE. Maybe there's some unholy interactio
  7. Astronaut ranks would be cool - but how would you implement it? Based on that Wikipedia link there's a difference in ranks between each of the missions
  8. Are you on the very latest KK version? A fix was released yesterday to fix a load order issue which was stopping buildings showing up.
  9. Has anyone tested this with any of the popular planet packs? GPP, OPM, GEP?
  10. Will test later tonight/tomorrow but it sounds like it's fixed. Thanks
  11. Nah. Bon Voyage was the one for me - so as soon as it worked without that I was happy enough. I wasn't using it properly at the time so I was able to bin it. Annoying thing is, I would like to use it in the future
  12. Yup. I always copy the mod folders from inside GameData. Wish I could do more testing but I'm away from home and only got my laptop with me. Loading takes longer than on the desktop.
  13. I did check it around a week ago, and it needs a fair few tweaks to get KSC++ to work with KSC Extended (railway line cuts through a lot of stuff) so I'm leaving it for now.
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