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  1. That's why classic helicopters need tail rotor.
  2. It's a topic about new blades, but what about overpowered engines? R-7000 produces over 20000 hp on 400 rpm for example. That's 40% more than NK-12 produces - the most powerful turboprop in the world
  3. What about jet engine based electric generator? Simple and useful. Low thrust, a lot of energy. ...And I was really surprised why new motors are completely silent. Your idea could solve this problem. No need for that hinges while joints and hinges still look like rubber. Simplify it instead of making realistic Note that some hinges should be locked and placed away from the blade I had to make it for my early Mi-26 before BG was released(with IR). Just 15 details more for 6-blade rotor
  4. 1.7.3 update Seems like developers increased torque and speed of every motor so old version craft works now incorrect. Download update in main post to enjoy your flight! Also "rpm limit" is now works like truly flat limit instead of someting like dividing both angular velosity and torque. * main rotor max 150 rpm, minimum operating 110 rpm, avg 130-140. * tail rotor 180-210 rpm * max payload 9 tons, possible to lift above 500 m * increased strength of axles due to changes in 1.7.3, so maybe bigger helicopter comes next.
  5. 8 tons or so. I dont think you can put heavier payload in cargobay, except it's fuel or ore tanks. Update for helicopter is a crap. Two new engines are overpowered, I used only 3-5% of power on smaler one(MK1) to fly almost 5t simple heli. With new blades of course. Imagine what could do heavier one. And when one blade hitted ground... I just continued flying. So realistic :\ Having just a little woble. Blades... there're 3 sizes: tiny, small and large. No life without tweakscale. Each produces much more lift and much less drag than it should. Because drag point placed near blade base and lift point... you see. what we have when blade is straight and segmented. More speed on tips and accordingly more lift.
  6. Joystick doesn't manipulate pistons directly. There's only one piston and it related to main throttle. Pitch and roll are two hinges with limited angle clipped in each other with free axle on them. Also clipped inside. In result we have kind of rotating and tilting disc. But with no real disc, it's just offseted mini-hinges.
  7. I'll upload a minor craft update later. And maybe kind of guide to swashplates Comment if you like it please!
  8. Well done Pds314, I hope more people will start using new incredible features introduced with breaking ground. I think you can reduce parts in your swashplate so it will work even better. This has no SAS too. And it's perfectly flying. And it has cargobay capable to carry 8t load.. And it sank under other topics :c
  9. Imagine it as vertical: Piston(Z) --> hinge(X)+hinge(Y) --> free rotor --> small hinges(x8, offset out of free rotor) --> struts(x8) --> small hinges(x8, offset on blade) It replicates real mechanism, but simplified to improve performance and modified to make it working in the game. There's a fine line between swashplate and just randomly dancing rotor
  10. KSP 1.7.2(Now 1.7.3) and TweakScale used. I've played this game more than 3 years and that helicopter and it's swashplate are my best work. Almost 6 month ago I created a helicopter with Infernal Robotics and huge internal swashplate, but it was difficult to fly because of incremental control and some freezes of the game. Breaking Grounds inspired new life in this old vehicle... EY-30 It's kind of a semi-copy of Mi-26 Parts: 180 Main rotor diameter - 25.8 m (8 blades) 110-140 rpm Tail rotor diameter - 6.3 m (6 blades) 160-220 rpm Total Length - 33 m Dry weight - 29.1 ton Max takeoff weight - 40 ton Max speed - 50 m/s horisontaly and 70-80 descending Fuel - 134, oxidizer - 164(3 tons) Power exchange: Fuel+oxidizer --> generating electric energy --> battery --> rotations Consumption - about 0.03/s Controls: 1 - start engines Throttle - angle of blades and motor speed of main and tail rotor Q-E roll W-S pitch A-D turn Recomended to use joystick! 1.7.2 Craft file 1.7.3 Craft file ! important ! +bonus video about how swashplate works! You can see blade flapping