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  1. Use servos to deflect control surfaces. They could be quite faster than stock elevons. Also clip 2-4 propelles so plane will have more thrust
  2. WIP Inspired by Northon XB-35. After pressing 1 engines will start one by one and then idle at 110-130 rpm. Yaw is controlled by splitting ailerons
  3. Done. It's quad copter, but complicated :p Of course no reaction wheels https://kerbalx.com/IkranMakto/Dragon-Gunship
  4. Well, I think it's time to post my quad copters. I'll do it later on Spacecraft exchange. Best way to do it is using one KAL-1000 for each axis. X, Y, Z и Lift. Respectively bind to pitch, roll, yaw and throttle axis in action groups. Forvard left rotor - clockwise, forward right - counter clockwise. Rear left - counter clockwise, rear right - clockwise. Motor speed - constant, as your craft needs. KAL-1000 should change rotor's deploy angle in inverse: For pitch - rear and forward (from - 10 to +20 degrees for examples). For roll - left and right. For yaw - rotors which spin clockwise and counter clockwise. As result blades will have mean angle between all 4 axes.
  5. I can't imagine anyone doing it with your conditions
  6. Electric motors and servos should produce a lot of noise too. I had to place tiny jet engines in my helicopters just to make sound
  7. Tilting jets, KAL-1000 for group control of thrust. Really useful and interesting DLC. And... for helicopters of course!
  8. Angle of attack should be positive while taking off. Make nose gear longer.
  9. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/140762-a-guide-to-posting-a-craft-in-the-ksp-forums-please-read-before-posting/
  10. Did you use contra-rotationg fans? I think it is possible to balance even without reaction wheels.