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  1. Hinges are quite bendy in every direction so one of them supports "engines" and let them bend relative to body. Next two connect tal section with hydraulic cylinders which main purpose is to support side panels creating "smooth" bendy skin It's a deep interesting ocean you're exploring to. I'm sure there's much to uncover for me too
  2. Thank you guys for replying! Glad to see you like this craft Actually less than 200 parts Download and test it! I think Combines use their anti-gravity tech so it lifts front of the Gunship and tail rotor lifts rear section and improves mobility. So everything is according to physics of HL world
  3. Aircraft inspired by Half-Life 2. It's a synth, graceful living creature with mechanical parts. I worked a lot to make it flexible, smooth and well-flying at the same time. Built for KSP 1.11 with Breaking Ground, handles moslty like coaxial helicopter. Press 1 to start or stop engines Download: https://kerbalx.com/IkranMakto/STOCK-Combine-Gunship
  4. Good job! If KSP could manage so many parts... Anyway the plane looks just awesome! It even shakes a bit while engines are idling
  5. Maybe it's wheel suspension problem. I had similar issue with my tb-3 if it weighted more than 18 tons. Try deleting wheels and test retract
  6. Going to make Zveno-SPB with my TB-3. Now I'm working on I-16 type 5 (2/3 scale). Its wingspan is only 6 meters and weight will be about 1100 kg. I'm trying to make it light with low part count(~100). Only one mod used - Procedural Wings.
  7. FAR was my first mod in 0.25. Awesome experience compared to stock aerodynamics
  8. Bill and Bob made a 50 minutes flight to western mountains carrying 3200 kg load and 500 kg fuel. Plane slowly climbed to 4200 meters where brave Kerbals landed it on small plateau. Bill decided to take some photos, mount a flag and find space for take-off while Bob checked tanks and calculated exact fuel consumption - 254 kg/h. As result maximum of 2000 kg fuel onboard can provide 8h flight on full power and 1900 km range.
  9. Missed this thread. Beautiful plane, smooth and realistic craft!
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