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  1. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/140762-a-guide-to-posting-a-craft-in-the-ksp-forums-please-read-before-posting/
  2. Did you use contra-rotationg fans? I think it is possible to balance even without reaction wheels.
  3. Have you used Breaking Ground propellers for marine crafts?
  4. Seems like it is no more GEV. And I think it has more thrust than its weight.
  5. Plane + motor + propeller + 1-2 RTGs + SAS. Or 1-2 smalest solar panels to recharge some batteries during day time. 0,4 energy/s is more than enough. But it's boring AFK method.
  6. Maybe it is possible with kOS, but I think you won't wait for a kerbin year, even for a day since you cannot time warp or phys warp with this craft. Just make simple helicopter, put 1-2 RITEGs on it and make it howering above KSC. New blades require absurdly low power to spin under load.
  7. One follows from the other. Free energy is "too high" efficiency, which comes from too high thrust/lift compared to drag. Developers choose the worst way to simulate helicopter blades just to make it easy to use. And very unrealistic. Instead of explaning to players what is dissymmetry of lift and how avoid it using blade flapping and feathering.
  8. Amazing! P. S. "Look, but don't touch" craft :p You didn't even write specifications
  9. That's how a craft post should looks like! But actually this rocket is pretty simple and I think engines are too powerful, so it loses some dV on air friction and riscing to be burnt. Make TWR between 1.2 and 1.6 at launch and 0.8-1.5 for upper stages, so it will increase efficiency.
  10. Maybe it is called.... ground effect? Sure!
  11. Since you use(and code) TweakScale, why not to make main rotor using scaled FAT elevons? Unlike previous lifting surfaces new damn blades cannot autorotate(as I tested). Also you can try to make cyclic and collective. I'd like to help with it.
  12. That's a big question why developers made pitch, roll and yaw axises in action groups uncontrolable by SAS.