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  1. A question: if I land a ship capable of extracting minerals and storing them, next to this ship I land another ship layers of refining minerals and storing them, and I connect them with each other with a hose. Will the second ship automatically obtain the minerals to refine?
  2. I have noticed that some configuration options of some parts are not available for the action groups, is there any mod that enables this?
  3. In the ships it would reduce the solar panels from 4 to 2, but it would be very useful to place on the roof of the rovers, and have a good solar coverage both at noon and at dusk and dawn. I'll keep improvising with what's there, thanks
  4. Is there any mod that gives me a solar panel, with automatic sun tracking, that has this shape? https://prnt.sc/txv0wk
  5. at first I clicked on "undock" and the option disappeared without doing anything. restart the game and it remains the same. How can I solve this problem?? http://prntscr.com/tmmqcf
  6. first time I use it, I have some questions: 1: I recovered a hangar with parts inside, but the parts did not appear on the recovery report. parts recovered? what about science and kerbals inside the hangar? 2: how do I re-drop a ship that I put inside a hangar? 3: can you put many loose pieces inside a hangar? is there a limit to this?
  7. here is the difference. that's a complex system where all that process is done in an instant, and by the time the player can see the scene, it's done. What I'm saying is that the ship appears at an extra height, and when the scene is finished loading and the game begins to process the physics, the ship begins to fall very slowly. using a crash slowdown function that is already implemented in the base game
  8. Does that mean they didn't give me the bonuses? is there any way to know what anomalies the game did not detect?
  9. I have a question: I was exploring anomalies. And the scansat marked me the anomaly in yellow, but now that I think about it, I don't remember receiving any notification in the game saying that I found a strange monolith. Is it possible that the scansat marks the anomaly in yellow but the game does not consider it "discovered"? Do I have to worry about not receiving the bonus for discovering an anomaly? PS: I was using a version of the mod before May 5.
  10. From what they explained, the current program is much more complex, and it is not working in 100% of cases. That's why I said: "Let the ship gently drop to the ground" (if you press ALT + F12 and go to "set position" you will understand what I'm saying). This way, not only will the ship not hit the ground, Also the player will have plenty of time to analyze the conditions of the terrain, and activate the reaction wheels or RCS propeller if necessary. And I think that at the height that the program considers necessary, add 5 to 10 meters.
  11. To prevent the rover from exploding from spawn below ground, can't it just make it appear much higher than it should, and gently roll to the ground? (An example of what I am saying is the "set position" option in the cheat console)
  12. I already tried the TB60, (after you told me the first time) with "control the trailer" I mean to access the functions of all its modules, not just the wheels and direction, (the only thing I want from the wheels is be able to access your brakes) PS: The design you showed performs much better than I expected from mine.
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