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  1. That would not erase the original configuration of the piece?
  2. Is there a mod that allows me to mirror some pieces? example: that allows to make that in the airplane cabins, the kerbal leaves by the right side instead of the left.
  3. it didn't work either thanks for the advice, i just did Thanks to all for the help
  4. I was looking at the details: https://prnt.sc/qvqf2p the contract was accepted 364 days ago, the ship in question has 118 days, it did not take the time of the oldest ship in which they refueled fuel because it had approximately 390 days. and the ships were built 0 after accepting the contract (unless you count on using a construction plan prior to that date)
  5. All the pieces of that ship were released after accepting the contract. but some had to make a supply stop at another aspacial station before arriving at it, (I don't know if that counts)
  6. http://prntscr.com/qvck9o I have 5 antennas, 20 docking ports, and 10 lamps. I don't know what else he wants
  7. I do that, only I do a quick save before activating the alt + f12, and after doing the necessary tests I load that game. Now I had to activate the tricks to rescue a mission and this doubt arose.
  8. Does the game apply any penalty for using the "alt + f12" cheats?
  9. I thought it meant something internal to the game
  10. somewhere in the game I read that old parts could be improved when they were obsolete. Tell me how do I do this?