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  1. Glad to see you back, guess I came around this mod post again at the right time. Personally I like the idea of no suits in the dome, as its challenging but this is little more than immersion. I like the idea of having buildings and such inside the domes I currently have mods with reasonable ones to put in. But greenhouses and habitats and isru buildings would make it all feel more like a functioning base.
  2. I have a basic understanding of C# I haven't used the KSP API at all though, how complex is it? My C# is rusty, most of my understanding of programming has been in Java. I don't have WorldStabilizer installed and just launched a single stage to jool with that cargo tail, no issue. Have hangar installed and many others. Maybe its caused by a different mod conflict?
  3. Can't do much about texture stretching.. I needed a few bigger ships because I'm doing the Jool 5. I just need some missions to pop up so I can get some money too xD This cost waay more than I got paid.
  4. They were the ones from Kerbal Planetary Base systems. I used symmetry to line them up like circular pieces and offset the orbital building space bay to line up. Edit: This is in career mode. 54m to launch this not including astronauts. Which I gave myself, by 100 they'd be 8m a pop. Theres over 200 and a dozen ships docked in the hangars.
  5. Made a 5 kiloton Station and inserted it into Jool orbit to begin making crafts and serving as a hub for refuel. Holds over 200 kerbals. I believe the final count was 202. Two orbital kit crafters, several workshops, 8 radial hangars, two habitat inline hangars, four space docks, and two more regular inline hangars. After the final insertion around tylo it took a solid 2 hour burn to lower my apoapsis to a decent number. Saw a few Asteroids on the way, Might have to park one at the base for easy refueling access. Love the mods.
  6. The craft launching it turned out to be poorly designed so its been deorbited, but I'm building something epic at the moment involving hangars and later asteroids. I'll be sure to post it with my barely fitting science plane.
  7. Ahh. Okay, I think originally I was having a mod conflict. Since updating that mod it at least accepts stuff. With this explanation I understand perfectly why it wont fit. Its *probably* small enough to fit with my other ship, but that one takes up 58% capacity and when actually spawned in takes up the hangar almost end to end with just a bit of space at the back. I took some screenies if you'd still like them, but I dont want to waste your time since its probably not a bug.
  8. I guess spawn in. Everything spawns in fine. Minus my sideways rover that clips and blows up (I see rotation coming soon anyways) but nothing will re-enter the hangar. It always says its full. I've tried with a little 2.5 ton bike that takes up very little space. Edit: I tested again. After a mod update it now accepts ships, but only if its less than 50% full. I have a ship thats ~60% of the volume and one thats 1.9% it wont take the 1.9% one back in even though I can add it as contents in the vab/sph
  9. I am having a slight issue with this mod. When I undock a ship, any ship really. I even tried with my tiny little space bike, I get a message saying the vessel cannot be stored and there isn't enough space. Even with the hold empty. Is this a common error or is there a fix for this? Current version 1.7.2 most updated Hangar mod. Both dlcs.
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