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  1. KSP1 modeled buoyancy in water, although probably not ideally. Having no knowledge of the game's inner workings, I would not think making lighter than air parts is impossible. That's one thing I would enjoy seeing, it would be useful on any body with an atmosphere. There are 4 planets in the basic KSP system (ok, one of them is a moon..) where that would be useful. With additional systems hopefully coming eventually, they could be even more useful.
  2. @JoeSchmuckatelli, I'm being serious- ALL of us moderators struggled to find that thing, even when @Dakota told us exactly where it is! I have a theory. The size and font kinda resemble the fine print we see constantly in our lives. I think our brains are trained to just not see stuff like that at all any more. Anyway, I promise I'm not laughing at you- I'm laughing with you. Or maybe just near you? Edit: That option has been there for about a month or so, I think. If I had to guess how many forum members have found it, the number I would guess is not a very large number..
  3. I also found additional symmetry options useful when placing propeller blades in KSP1. 10X, 12X, 24X.. It was possible to trick the game into doing that, but it was a bit tricky.
  4. I'm not laughing at you, I promise. I couldn't find the thing either. Look all the way at the bottom. All the way. All the way. See the blue circle with a white bird inside it? (I think that's the twitter symbol?). Look right under the blue circle with the white bird. Under that blue circle is the word 'Theme'. Click on it. See what happens. Don't feel bad. I think all of us moderators had trouble finding it.
  5. I am not sure if this has anything to do with it, but the wizards that know how the forum works recently added a Dark Mode. (Plus a few other modes..). If you haven't seen the new dark mode(s), you can get to it by scrolling to the bottom of any forum page, and clicking on the 'Theme' drop-down. The 'Theme' drop-down is hard to find. You have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. Yep, all the way. If ya haven't tried the dark mode, it is really really nice. My eyes are happy. @Ghostii_Space, see the above post, apparently the Chrome for Android is not playing nice with the forums.
  6. Here's a really good guide by @Snark. It's written for KSP1, but the concepts are the same. I'd start with that guide. Here's my tips for learning to rendezvous and dock: Once you have zeroed out relative motion, go slow! Turn on infinite propellant while practicing. Once you have it down, turn infinite propellant back off, but start with an infinite supply of propellant. Docking small maneuverable ships is much easier than maneuvering big ships. Start with two small ships. If you are becoming visually confused in LKO, try a higher orbit for docking practice. At first, the motion of Kerbin moving under your ships can be disorienting. Performing the docking at 200-300 km might help keep the visual disorientations to a minimum. Good luck! Oh yeah, also welcome to the KSP Forums @scyflimark!
  7. No, I did not do anything special to the wheels. However, I also have had problems getting up slopes in the area around KSC, which was concerning. Especially troubling was that the slightly bigger new wheels gave me lots of trouble around KSC, I was very concerned that the smaller wheels I used in this challenge would have a lot of issues with slopes on Duna. The only changes I made were to turn off steering for the rear wheels. Otherwise, I did play with the settings somewhat, but found that I wasn't able to improve the characteristics of using the 'auto' settings. Edit to add: Oh, I forgot to mention that the wheels I used had no problems at all with the slopes on Duna. I had some unrelated issues, but the wheels actually seemed to work quite well, even on slopes.
  8. KSP Version 0.1.1 Operating System and version Win 11 CPU and GPU i9, 4070 Description of the bug. Had 2 Kerbals in Lawn Chair seats on a rover, near Duna's north polar ice cap. On exiting the EAS-1 (lawn chair seat), the kerbal was teleported instantly about 120 m from the rover. In one location, the kerbal was also teleported below the surface of Duna, which causes bizarre behavior. I had tested the rover on the KSC runway, and EVA worked fine there. Expected Behavior: EVA from EAS-1 Lawn Chair seats places the Kerbal near the seat. Observed Behavior: EVA from EAS-1 seats (On Duna) teleports the kerbal about 120 m away from the seat, in some cases the kerbal is teleported below the surface. Steps to Replicate: Take a Rover with EAS-1 Lawn Chair seats to on/near Duna's north polar ice cap. Click the button on the Kerbal's image to EVA from the lawn chair. Fixes / Workarounds (if known..). I ended up having to EVA the Kerbals while airborne (after going over a jump) to keep them from teleporting below the surface. Otherwise, just walk back to the rover if the Kerbal ends up above the surface. A list of ALL mods. None. Other Notes / Screenshots / Log Files (if possible..) Screenshots in spoiler window. Note: I'm not sure what the 'Root Part' is on the rover, or if 'Root Parts' are even designated or relevant in KSP2. However, the first part placed when constructing the rover was one of the flat structural panels. Note 2: The rover functioned with no problems on KSC's runway, and also at other locations on Kerbin. So perhaps this issue only appears in certain locations, such as near Duna's poles?
  9. Just for clarification, does your vessel have any probe cores? I ask because the probe cores also use electricity, and as far as I know that can not be turned off at present. In KSP1 it was possible to put probe cores in 'hibernation' mode, which drastically reduced their EC drain, but I am not aware of a way to do this in KSP2 yet.
  10. Here's my entry. I'm going for Val Level (Watney Edition). Return craft delivery to Polar Ice Cap (northern one): Rover delivery: The drive: Return to Kerbin:
  11. I figured out how to use the color tool to select colors for my rockets. However, I would like to take the paint off completely, to have a shiny polished aluminum exterior for some of my rockets. Can anyone offer tips for making my rocket exteriors shiny aluminum? I really like the ability to customize part colors so thoroughly, that is a fantastic tool. Just haven't figured out how to strip the paint off when I want to go that route.
  12. I have had issues with the lawn chairs when mounted on a flat panel (for a rover). In my case the issue was any part in front of the seat was preventing Kerbals from exiting. Moving the seat up off the panel did not help. Moving the seats back worked, creating more open space in front of the seat. Just by eyeballing it, it looks like you need nearly 2m completely free in front of the lawn chairs to exit successfully. This is surely not intended behavior, hoping that gets adjusted eventually.
  13. Just for reference: 30 m/s = 67 m.p.h. = 108 k.p.h. 50 m/s = 111 m.p.h = 180 k.p.h. I once did a fully automated rover trek from KSC to the North Pole, 100% stock. Used the KAL and some creativity to accomplish that. Trees are apparently generated randomly per save, and they were my bane on that journey.
  14. That is a really good question. I think your answer (inconveniently dark..) is as good as it gets. Congratulations on another Elcano complete! By the way, I really enjoy your mission logs. You are documenting an adventure with epic proportions!
  15. Just moving parts around with an engineer is absolutely fine. Asked and answered, your honor! Easiest fix is to not do insane jumps. Outside of that, try using the 'rigid attachment' option for attaching the lawn-chair, maybe even use auto struts on that part. Don't forget to watch out for underwater trees! Ha! I lose track pretty easily. For equatorial or straight polar routes I just label the checkpoints by their latitude or longitude. For your route, you might need to use both- 20N30W for example. Anyway, that makes it easier for people like me, who lose track after about 4 or 5 checkpoints.. That is absolutely ALLOWED. The only catch is all 'support' missions also need to be flown from KSC (or another launch site), you can't teleport them into position. You will not have any problems with that, I've seen your refueling operation! So yes, you are absolutely allowed to drop waypoints to aid navigation. Congratulations to @damerell, who just completed a Tylo circumnavigation! By the way, if y'all haven't read @damerell's mission logs, I do highly recommend them.
  16. Threads with the same issue have been merged.
  17. Pilots need to be in command capsules to control a vessel. Pilots located in crew containers are not able to control the ship.
  18. Good luck!! Also, I loved the music in your introductory video! What music is that?
  19. Love it! I noticed in the video that while accelerating your rover pitches forward a bit. Not sure if you have tried this or not, but you might consider re-mapping the rover controls. The default rover controls are the same keys as the rotation (WSAD). By default, when you want to 'drive forward' it also pitches your rover forward. By re-mapping your rover controls to different keys, you retain the pitch controls of WSAD, but can use different keys to control the wheels. I think one setup I use is to re-map the rover controls to the translation keys (HNIJKL). Something to consider.. EVA construction is allowed. However, any parts you add also need to be flown from KSC to your rover, teleporting parts to your rover is not allowed. I could make a clearer ruling if you gave more information on what you would like to do. Here's a few examples- Your science parts or solar panels are not ideally located (taking damage..). You could use EVA construction to relocate those parts to another location on your rover. You could even add additional solar panels to your rover. However, any additional parts would need to be flown from KSC to your rover. You can't just teleport parts to your rover.. If possible, give a specific example of what you would like to do, and I can hopefully give you a better answer.
  20. 10/10 for @adsii1970. In addition to being a fellow mod, he also is the current caretaker of the TOTM threads (Threads of the Month). @adsii1970 would rank really high for many forum members I believe.
  21. I prefer to refuel in orbit of Minmus, it seems to be simpler. However, I agree that it is slightly more convenient to refuel in LKO. While I no longer do that, here is what I used to do: You will need a tanker which can go from Minmus to LKO and back to Minmus. One consideration is part count. Even with a good computer it's still a good idea to keep part counts low, if you can. With that in mind, you want to use the biggest fuel tanks available. For engine efficiency, the Nuke engines are an obvious choice. However, the Wolfhound engines also have a really good ISP, so those are a good choice as well. If you go with Nuke engines, use enough of them that burns are not excessively long. I do not recommend Ion engines. The burn times are way too long, and they can not be refueled (in stock KSP). In order to transfer the fuel to ships in LKO, you will need to dock. So one of the ships will need good docking maneuverability. I suggest you make the refueling vessel docking-capable- long -range ships are difficult to make maneuverable sometimes. So put a lot of RCS ports on the refueling ship, and don't make it excessively long. There are Vernier thrusters which use standard LFO, but work as RCS thrusters. The advantage to those is you don't need a second fuel source, just standard LFO will work. Or just use standard RCS thrusters, but don't be stingy with them. I also like to put a lot of reaction wheels on big refueling tankers. You will likely be docking with your refueling tanker while it's heavy, so you'll need a lot of control. Finally, you need to decide on a strategy to get fuel from the surface of Minmus to LKO. I suggest not worrying about efficiency from the surface. Minmus' gravity is so low that it doesn't really cost much to haul extra equipment to orbit. So here are a few strategies: Tanker has a complete ISRU setup on board: Drill(s) and Converter. Yes, that's a lot of weight to drag all the way to LKO and back, but it's easy, and only requires one docking maneuver. You could have a dedicated ship to deliver ore or refined fuel to your Tanker in Minmus orbit. That requires at least one extra docking maneuver each time you do a fuel run. It's more efficient, but takes a lot more patience doing extra docking maneuvers. There are more ways to set the operation up, which would add efficiency, but probably add extra docking maneuvers. Yes, docking is fun, the first hundred times you do it. But eventually it gets a little grindy. Good luck!
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