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  1. At this point I feel the need to mention a few things. First, mod authors are actually just people. They have lives outside of making mods. They are not paid, their work is a labor of love which they choose to share with the KSP community. At no charge to anyone. Second, new forum members may not always know how to properly request assistance. That's ok! Third, not everyone is perfect like myself , sometimes people have bad days.
  2. That's ok! Think how boring it would be if everything worked perfectly! It's more fun for the folks reading your reports if you mention some things that didn't go exactly as planned too. Because we've all been there..
  3. Several recent posts in this thread have gone far off-topic, and include political discussions and links. Which are both clearly not allowed per our Community Guidelines . The posters doing this have been on the forums for a while, and should know better. Please keep the discussion on topic, and keep political discussions out of the KSP Forums. Some posts have been removed.
  4. I think that usually means the link to those images is no longer functioning correctly. For example, the link is broken.
  5. Nice! I'll throw out a question regarding flight stability. Almost all of my planes experience rapid pitch oscillations with SAS on above 300-400 m/s or so, the faster I go the worse the pitch oscillations become. The only way I've been able to stop them is to turn SAS off. Hard to tell by looking, but it looks like you use a lot of reaction wheels to obtain the pitch authority you need. I've considered doing that, just to eliminate the violent pitch oscillations I'm getting with the control surfaces. However, I just prefer using the aero surfaces to do all controlling in atmospheres. My last submission, the one with two Goliath engines, had no reaction wheels at all. Curious if you've seen pitch oscillations at high speeds due to over-acting control surfaces with SAS on? And if so, if you have any tips on reducing them.
  6. Well, that one I can answer: Yes it does, and yes it worked that way in KSP1 also. Yeah, that could happen in KSP1 also. About the only reliable fix I'm aware of is put both parts in the trash, and start over. Note to self: parts placed completely inside other parts are difficult or impossible to ever click on again. As to your first three questions, I also have no clue. I'll be watching this space, hoping someone who does know chimes in, because I'm curious as well.
  7. Good luck! I haven't encountered that exact bug yet, but it's been reported and was well-documented. Found it! Here's a report of the bug I suspect you're experiencing:
  8. Still not sure what's going on for you, again I think there is a bug which sometimes makes the docking ports not work. I generally turn off SAS and RCS just as the ports are trying to dock together. The reason is that if you have a lot of reaction wheels, the ship will not be able to 'wiggle into position', the reaction wheels (or possibly RCS) will forever hold the ships slightly off kilter, and the ports will never perfectly align. I'm not convinced that's causing your problem though. Do give it a try turning off SAS and RCS at the moment the ports are almost touching, but I suspect you're encountering one of the docking port bugs.
  9. I have no I idea what's going on, although I do recall seeing a somewhat rare bug which affects docking ports. A suggestion for you is when trying to get help, it's useful to the rest of us if most of the images contain all the UI elements- navball, fuel quantity, throttle, etc. Cropping screenshots to eliminate those elements removes a lot of information which is helpful to other players. Also, welcome to the KSP Forums @MMX!
  10. Nice! Wow, those airbrakes work extremely well! Also, most of my landings looked like yours. Except on 90% of mine, the plane tumbled over onto it's back.
  11. I'm doing touch-and-go landings at the island, not coming to a full stop. Timing for the aero-braking also makes a difference, the closer you are to the runway(s), the less time you spend going 'slow'. I found it difficult designing a plane which was maneuverable enough to bleed off speed quickly. In the Kerballed categories, I hate to say this, but I recommend not using fairings, because the stuff inside the fairings will heat up at lower speeds. I think you'll find you're able to reach higher speeds by not using fairings, before stuff starts exploding. Once that bug is fixed fairings will probably be the way to go again.
  12. I just did some testing with a regular cockpit and a shock-cone intake. I was able to hit much higher speeds before things started exploding due to heat- the fairings are currently worthless at protecting the contents. However, the fairings are still very valuable for drag reduction. The same plane required a lot more thrust to maintain 1200 m/s. I basically left the throttle at 100%, where with a fairing I had to reduce throttle to ~35% to keep the speed below 1300.
  13. 2:48 in the 'Kerballed Jet' category. Screenshots:
  14. 4:12 in the 'Juno Drone' category. **Note that in KSP2 it's not called the Juno, it's now the 'Whittle', which is a nice homage to Sir Frank.** More screenshots:
  15. If it's actually pork loin, Peameal Bacon. If it's tenderloin- breaded fried pork tenderloin sandwiches. Cabbage rolls is one of my favorite foods!
  16. I have driven rovers all the way around Kerbin. Many times. Boats too.
  17. I would be surprised if @Snark still has that vessel stored, that was from several years ago, and several versions of the game ago. But as others have mentioned, using inflatable heat shields at both ends of the entry vehicle solves the drag/COM issue nicely. Here's one of my Eve entry vehicles, which worked:
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