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  1. Hi @linuxgurugamer first let me say you are a Kod among Kerbins for all your mods. Thanks for many hours of awesomeness not otherwise possible without your great work on KSP. OK so down to business. Got a CTD that keeps happening. It hit everytime I am in/going to VAB. OR the SPH. It's intermittent about every half hour or so. Usually I get no log trace, this time I did and in common.txt it looks like EditorExtensionsRedux. I hope this is the culprit and that it can be fixed its the last thing keeping me from a perfect as possible ksp experience... This is the e
  2. Stability. I know they are using Unity still, unity has come a LONG way since ksp was first released. I'm hoping for some serious effort put in on optimizations, bug checking, and logging. Take KSP, refactor it to perfection I like how the new kerbalism does science, thats cool. Keep going in that direction, but also sort of mix in the old Engineer tech tree, making it so that useage of a part unlocks further similar stuff in that branch. Testing of parts in prototype designs add to science. A career mode that brings in more role playing. Like go an evil route sending spy satel
  3. Thanks kcs123 Ill try that out, I suspected as much. One other thing - looks like on installing my ailerions dissapeared from my parts list and on the planes they have no more surface controls. Was a shocker trying to lift off with a working plane and the thing never lifting off!
  4. Hi, so first thanks for the mod, one thing drives me nuts is how silly some of the aerodynamics are in game. Seems to be a lot smoother from what I can tell. Problem is that on first run, while it goes great in atmosphere, the moment I leave the atmosphere I start to get the Null Reference Exceptions spam and framerate slows to a crawl, I mean not the barely playable move - pause - move - pause drop, I mean the pause...pause...get a sandwich...move..pause...pause..etc framerate drop. Heavily modded. One thing that fires when I leave the atmosphere is the mod that stops control surfaces
  5. Hi @Sir Mortimer ... think maybe you missed my question post.... Real quick again, 1. FASA, even a clean KErbalism + FASA install, when I try and fly a Mercury capsul, EC drains down to zero by the time I'm on the launchpad, like it's taking HUGE bits of EC at a time. Looks like its the antenna. Is there some way to disable the internal antenna? It looks like its always deployed, 2. Trying to run EVA Report and it says No Electric Charge. even if I KIS a battery into the inventory. 3. Is zzzKerbalism still a thing? I don't have the folder, I see it all over configs, shoul
  6. Hiya, great mod thanks for spending so much time supporting it over the years! And here's yet another problem/question for your masterful input! Actually I have a couple things... IS there a way to disable the internal antennas installed in command pods? Most specifically, when I went and tried to use the FASA Mercury pod, on the launchpad it would drain power down to zero pretty much immediately. It turned out that the drain was from the open internal antenna. I had a similar problem on other modules; I think I wound up turning the idle drain to zero to fix it, which se
  7. Just an fyi, cuz there's a lot of these blank agents. To fix it using regular expressions in notepad++ (or sublime!!!) use this regex: Find and Replace: FIND: agent = [\r\n]\t\t\t\tagentName = (.*) REPLACE: agent = \1\n\t\t\t\tagentName = \1 BTW If that doesnt work then you might needs to remove one of the \t chars in both regexes. That is \t for tab, in most of my files it's 5 tabs to start a new line but for some reason one or two files only have 4 tabs. Oh and mega props on the MM cfg! Awesome!
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