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  1. it's been 3 days that I try to understand I give up I think I have a conflict with another mod, I will uninstall, thank you for the help but I have more patience ^^
  2. No it's pod place. I have 3 pilots. sorry for the dual screen ^^ I translate at the same time I made a second attempt, the ship on it I had omnidirectional antennas. This one below I have a relay antenna on the pod and an antenna type DTS-M1 on the satellite, I point them one on the other and it gives me that: (the satellite and still not controllable).
  3. I think that I must have a bug, with an omnidirectional antenna on my pod and my satellite, several pilots on the pod, control is impossible. I am well tutorials that I find however, I even tried many different types of antennas, it never works.
  4. Hello, Already sorry for my English not always clear. I searched a lot for an answer to my question before posting and could not find anything. I really do not understand the use of satellite control by kerbal in a direct link ship. Let me explain : In the first case it works well. I take the RC-L01 Remote Guidance Unit, I put it on a ship with 6 kerbal and I have an omnidirectional antenna on the ship and the satellite (with the range between the two) with this configuration I can actually control the satellite without problem. In the second case impossible to make it work I have a pod with 3 kerbal pilots, the RC-001S Remote Guidance Unit and omnidirectional antennas, I'm in the same case before but it never works! Even by putting relay-type directional antennas. For relay antennas I even try to point them towards each other but nothing helps. On the satellite antenna I have the option "remote tech" target but on the antenna of the ship I do not see the satellite. I do not understand anything anymore I'm lost, I try a lot of different configurations, I read as much as I could tutorials in English. Besides, when I watch the tutorials, it says that pods with the right mention can drive the satellites but it never works for me. I specify that in any case I am in direct connection, the signal should not rebound. And I have several kerbal pilots in pods. I am really lost if anyone could help me I would be really grateful.