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  1. bootsam

    Shower thoughts

    My thoughts whilst in the shower consists of this - of all the bottles of product on the shelf, which one is my shampoo and which one is my shower gel. It has become akin to looking for the proverbial needle in a wifeys product haystack. It is further excarabated when it comes to looking for my deoderant shortly afterwards in the cabinet. I have one bottle of shampoo, one bottle of gel and one deoderant. It has become something of an early morning supermarket sweep quiz show. All the shelves are full as is the cabinet, of a vast array of mysterious and baffling products. I used one of her products once and was promptly told off and informed of its cost. What?! Youve got to be kidding me. It's shampoo, how can it possibly cost that much? I get 'that look' and decide discretion is my best tact. Plus, why do I always get the slightly damp towel and why is it always outside arms reach? Dont get me started on the wardrobe. 50/50 she said. Yeah, tis more like 90/10...
  2. bootsam

    Shower thoughts

    One. For as soon as I noted the dot, there would be a warm trickle down my leg from my cowardly bladder. I would notice the dot purely because my cat would be attached to my face in pursuit of it.
  3. Testing shallow landings against steep landings on Mun from about 14k orbit. Going to try my 1st steeper landing tonight to see if its easier and better to pick my spot to land. On shallow ones I note my burn moves my landing spot too much. Plus I wish that terrier engine scrubbed off velocity a bit quicker. Hmm may have to time and note how much velocity the engine scrubs off for future information. This will be third biome on mun. Lots of nice science as I need to unlock stuff for a space station. What are peoples tips for launching from Mun to ease into a kerbil orbit?
  4. bootsam

    Shower thoughts

    My cat loves boxes. Its hard to tell whether she's alive or dead even when observing her as she doesnt move for hours.
  5. Well, Ive kinda ticked that box in the sense that I did do my orbit the wrong way round but benefitted from F9 when I noticed prior to aligning it fully.
  6. Still relatively inexperienced ive made 3 landings now. I burn hard to get velocity down to 100m/s once i hit circa 12-14k elevation. This can take some time and occassionally I run outta time. From then onwards I do rapid quick burns to maintain 50-60m/s from 1k. As i near the surface I burn again to drop it to 10m/s, literally jogging between 'z' and 'x' keys, and then very quick bursts to get it to 5m/s on touchdown. Theres prob more efficient ways, but this has worked for me so far. Mostly. Ahem. Good luck and yes finding somewhere flat can be troublesome.
  7. Hi Hans, no I'd sent it the right way round but it was a gnats chuff away from acheiving compliance and ran outta fuel. I sent another, this time I got my oblique launch correct and wasted less fuel aligning the inclination and was successful. Ive since done this one mission, 4 times in total. Due to my brain and fingers not fully co-ordinating the F5 and F9 challenge. The one a gnats chuff away, the next the successful one and then twice more due to the F5/F9 mix ups. Ive created a base save on that now. Phew. But theres always a bright side, I learnt how to position my launch to preserve fuel. So, Ive returned to the Mun to science up all the biomes, I made over 300 last evening. Taking a scientist and an engineer with me. I have a build that is reliable enough to take 3 to the Mun and back. Going for the polar crater tonight, then I shall have to do some ferrying jobs to keep funds up. Ive left the aircraft stuff as I need more stuff unlocked. Then I could do some science on Kerbals Biomes. TBH tho, Im not keen on the aircraft aspect of the game. Yet.
  8. Another valuable lesson - create a save game at strategic points. Dont hit f5 by mistake even when youre brain is telling you to press f9. I did it not once, but twice. So had to do the oblique satellite mission AGAIN twice! Due to a mun coming from nowhere and crashing into my rocket with all my valuable starred up kerbals on board.
  9. TV Top 5 The Young Ones Father Ted Any Q series by Spike Milligan Monty Python TV series Sgt Bilko Film Top 5 The Blues Brothers The Jungle Book Its a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World orig. Star Wars Trilogy 2001, A Space Odessey
  10. Banned for making me face the truth
  11. Erm Ladders Ive done. Not only that, when I remembered them, I forgot to re-align them after rotating several parts. Twas a bit Escher like for Bob. Parachutes Ive forgotten so many times at the start, now its always the 2nd thing I build after the capsule. In fact I use three sets. The little uns, a pair of big uns and a main big un. The little ones have got me out of a dangerous red hot tumble a few times. Yes, Ive tried to deep core mine Kerbal several times with high velocity projectiles. Im currently about to do those recover a stranded Kerbal missions before I return to all the moons biomes to farm some science.
  12. Banned for not speaking his mind
  13. Save time counting to 10 by starting at 4. If you're in a real hurry, start at 5.