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  1. I imagined, according to the artists' views, what dragonfly might look like. Rotors made with Infernal Robotics and controlled via kOs. All the rotors can be controlled individually, which allows me to develop even today many autopilot functions, with the idea of making the craft completely autonomous if needed. I use : - RLA - Restock / Restock + - Tweakscale - B9 Procedural Wings - Infernal Robotics - HullCam I also use KSRSS as planet pack, which is a stockalike version of RSS. Currently, I still have a lot of autopilot functions to develop, but it is already able to go from point A to point B.
  2. I made this, inspired of course by Dragonfly mission. It is a drone made with Infernal Robotics and controlled via kOs.
  3. @Dafni Did you have activated the terrain scatter ? If yes, try to disable it. To my knowledge, neither RSS nor SSRSS use terrain scatter. In the lasts versions of Kopernicus, it seems to have a bug that makes scatters consume a lot of performance. Maybe you should try to disable them ? It can also possibly be a bug in the scatterer configs. I will put a look on that.
  4. @slaintemaith There is a small .dll in the KSRSS folder, which is intended to prevent this type of bug when rescaling. Could you send us your logs ? Maybe this bug is caused by us plugin. In all case, we are working on a better compatibility with Rescale! and Sigma Dimension for next versions. @Carni35 Thanks for your reports ! Citylights aren't realy a bug, rather one of the limits of EVE. . We have already developped a small plugin to prevent citylights to display when you are in flight and above 10km. Next step is to prevent citylights to display on the galaxymap during the day. I will also put a look on clouds of Jupiter, Earth, etc.
  5. Vectors from Freepik and AstroRainbow As RSS, KSRSS is a mod intended to transform the stock solar system into the real solar system, but at stock size, with the objective to let you explore the solar system within many mods necessary in a RSS save. Also, we worked hard to make every body of the system pretty and unique. KSRSS is accompanied by KSRSSVE, a graphic mod which put the best of scatterer and EVE into KSRSS. For example, with KSRSSVE and KSRSS, you can find dust storms on Mars, geysers on Enceladus, snow at pole of the Earth and many other things. Finally, unlike SSRSS, KSRSS is not a simple rescaling of RSS, we decided to not use Sigma Dimension, so KSRSS is made and tweak especialy for the stock size. After this little introduction, we want to thank all the modders community and specialy the RSS-Team without whom we would not have been able to realize this mod. Factually, KSRSS is just a mix of textures made by the community (see License section for all credits) that we mixed together to create, we hope, a pretty version of the real solar system in KSP. Pics Download and instructions KSRSS KSRSSVE KK-KSRSS Install Kopernicus. If you are using an old version of KSP, go here and take the appropriate version i. e. Kopernicus 1.6.1-X for KSP 1.6.1 and Kopernicus 1.5.1-X for KSP 1.5.1. Install KSRSS-Textures. Install KSRSS. If you want footprints, install KEX-EVAFootprints. (optional) If you want more launchpads in Florida, you can download the KK-KSRSS pack. (optional- see column 3) If you want clouds and scatterer compatibility, install KSRSSVE. (optional - see column 2) Install EVE. Install scatterer. Install KSRSSVE (download below). Choose the Low Resolution pack OR the High Resolution. Install Kerbal Konstructs. Install Tundra's Space Center. Install OSSNTR. Install KK-KSRSS (download below). Licenses and credits KSRSS KSRSSVE KK-KSRSS KSRSS is licensed CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 International unless otherwise stated. All plugin code is licensed LGPL-3.0. KSRSS is derived from RSS. A huge thanks to NathanKell and the RO team for creating this mod. (CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0) Some textures were taken from Spectra. Those are licensed MIT and all credits go to Avera9eJoe. Some planetary imagery is derived from work by Steve Albers and NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and some from the Celestia Motherlode (itself in the main sourced from JPL). Used by permission of the licenses for non-commercial release. KSPRC is bundled in the download and is covered by his own license. (CC-BY-ND) KSRSSVE is licensed CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 International unless otherwise stated.All plugin code licensed LGPL-3.0.The Earth aurora texture was taken from Spectra by Avera9eJoe. (MIT)Planets clouds textures are from RSSVE. (CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0)The snow particle comes from Sci-Fi Ve by panzer1b. (Non-commercial use permitted with or without credit)The snow map comes from GEA by Davian Lin. (CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0)Citylights textures are from AVP by Astronomer and themaster401. KK-KSRSS is licensed MIT. If you are an author of one of the textures, maps, cfg or anything else used in KSRSS and if you want that we remove your work from our mod, just contact us and we will do it. A mod by tony48 and Kierra.