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  1. https://streamable.com/jetjdg Little teasing about KSRSS 0.7, to keep you waiting
  2. Hello everyone. We're working on 0.7 update. We was waiting for Parallax Shader made by @Gameslinx. Also, some informations : KSRSS is NOT currently playable in 1.9. KSRSS is compatible with EVE Redux, but we need to tune fog on Titan & Venus to make KSRSS fully compatible with EVE Redux. KK-KSRSS will be removed soon, we wont work on it until the final release of KSRSS. We won't make a support for Atlas Shader, and that's the reason why we was waiting for Parallax. If you need support, please ask directly on our discord where we are much more reactive.
  3. I am unable to put map decals under launchdpads & other KK statics. There are just not spawning, and i'm unable to find why
  4. We can't do anything if you don't provide screen of your GameData and KSP.log
  5. Of course ! But please wait 0.6.1 release for translate Mars Biome ! Some change on this planet Some news about 0.6.1 : - we've finally fixed the quicksave bug ! - KK-KSRSS will probably not be updated for 0.6.1. We can't place mapdecals properly, so we have a choice : let the lauchpads float and publish a non-final update (working but not pretty), or push back the release of KK-KSRSS for final release of KSRSS. What do you prefer? So... all major bugs were fixed. We'll release the 0.6.1 when we have decided what to do with KK-KSRSS.
  6. Bonjour à toutes et à tous ! Nous vous présentons un serveur discord KSP, où vous pourrez trouver de l'aide concernant le jeu, les mods, ou bien un lieu où partager vos crafts et screenshots de vos plus belles œuvres. Sans plus de blabla, voici le lien pour rejoindre le serveur : https://discord.gg/DDENnkn N'hésitez pas à venir y faire un petit tour, nous sommes déjà plus de 400 ! Kierra
  7. Hello Yep, I would like like have your logs. It is a known bug but i still can't find the origin of it.
  8. Please, remove KK-KSRSS, it is not updated for 0.6 yet.
  9. Little feedback : @OrbitalManeuvers : I've fixed your bug with the elevation of KSC. It was an error with the x2.5 config. @si2504 : No idea, for now, about the bug of quicksave. We tried to reproduce it without sucess. Still investigating. Can you tell me if you're playing with Sigma Dimension, and if you are on a old save wich was on KSRSS 0.5 ? Could you tell me to if you can open the buildings of KSC ? @Quoniam Kerman : We've tried to make an entry on Venus, and we can confirm : it is just a visual bug in tracking station. It is displaying the pressure of Duna, which is the template body of Venus. Funny bug, but fortunately not really breaking playability. We have fixed which causing drop of framerate around saturnians moons. We are in a good way to release a 0.6.1 soon, with also the release of KK-KSRSS, compatible with stock and x2.5 size. We're investigating about the lasts bugs remaining, and this time, we'll take time to make a proper beta-testing before releasing.
  10. Hello everyone. Version 0.6 is officially a dead version of KSRSS. There seems to be far too many bugs and errors on our part, and for that, on behalf of the team, I wanted to come and apologize here. We are currently preparing a new version that will fix the problems that you all may have encountered here: - inability to quicksave/quickload - floating KSC - trees present on the KSC or in too high density - lag around some saturnian moons - Titania inclination problem Again, we apologize for this unplayable version, thank you for your feedback, and we hope not to disappoint you in the future. PS : @winproof, thanks you for this correction ! We really appreciate
  11. @si2504 You're not the only one to report this bug. You can try it to fix them : - Remove KK-KSRSS and dependencies. It is not updated yet for 0.6 and older versions are not compatible with KSRSS 0.6 - Delete "Cache" folder in KSRSS/KSRSSKopernicus - Remove settings.cfg, set preset to KSRSS But, there is clearly a mistake in one of the .cfg file. I'll work to fix it as soon as possible and i'll publish a bugfixe release when it will be done. In the time until then, I hope that the above process will fix this bug. Sorry for the inconvenience :/.
  12. Hello there. New update ! A lot of bugfixes, but mostly : all the saturnian system is now implemented ! We also add 4k textures and localization. Here is the complete changelog for more information : IMPORTANT : KK-KSRSS is not updated yet. Coming soon.
  13. @gilflo You've missed KSRSSVE-Textures too ! Juste take it here : https://github.com/KerbalFrench/KSRSSVE-Textures/releases/ It will put in your "KSRSSVE" folder a "Textures" folder, essential if you want to play with KSRSSVE. We are thinking about make an installer for a future update, cause we know that the install process is not easy.
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