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  1. The spinny thing on the wheel that looks like its from the lunar rover from apollo, the part on the wheel clips with the joint on the suspension, and it looks like that joint is locked into a different place that is meant to spin. I looked at the model, i have a modded 1.8.1 client. https://prnt.sc/twbp9b
  2. what if alien bacteria was made by the players decision, say as leaving stuff on the moon, but very rarely developing?
  3. Since people are actually answering, might as well add mine Mine is a Huawei Pixel 6P. This phone has some bad problems, and not just mine. The phone usually cuts life at 30% to 60%, and bootloops, and it is known for that. The phone itself is good, but you people are lucky to have long batterys.
  4. Hardcore Brown cows have the experience and recount from their voyage, and say "Moo" I bought a cookie for 2.99, i stuck it in the CD drive, but it downloaded minecraft? it was advirtised as kerbal space program? What happened?
  5. Is your grandmother living inside the Voyager Space probe or something?
  6. I don't have a layout, but i have N scale, and HO scale, I take them out once in a while, and I can live in train museums.
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