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  1. Hello ! I have these strange geomtrical ''shadows'' which are moving while rotate my camera around the rocket. Is there a workaround or a setting to change to get ride of this ? Thangs for your hep https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1sMKC8vFTDeXIMRtxJgyV70wev-hRq-4G?usp=sharing
  2. Hey ! Just tested your file and it's working fine from my side Well done ! And thank you again for you time anf help !
  3. Hey ! Sooo, after more testing I'm now 100% sure of what is causing the infinite loading when BDB, KSPCF and Realchute are installed It's because of ''[1.9.X] Tantares and BDB now in Colors!". Removing it make everything working fine, at least on my heavly modded game Hope it will help others people with the same problem (don't forget to delete ''setting.cfg'' and ''ModuleManager.Config.Cache'', had others loading problems before doing it"'
  4. Let's say I want use your simplex ressource, but keep vanilla all the other kerbalism features (Including science) Is it possible by just swaping some folders inside Simplex ?
  5. I tried to launch the game without Kerbalism, and it still not work. I guess that's not the problem
  6. Hey ! Thank you for your time I can confirm that I use the latest BDB version. Again, everything work well without KSP community fixe (or withoutRealchute when I use KSP community fixe) You can find here all the stuffs you asked for https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dgREvE2weV3CN8DwkfAoCEYD9G0QECcG?usp=sharing
  7. Hey ! I'm hesitating switching to Simplex, but the differences between classic kerbalism science and the one from Simplex don't seem clear to me. How different are they ? Thanks
  8. Hey ! It seems that the use of ''KSPCommunityFixes'' create an incompatibility with ''RealChute'' in my installe. The game go in infinite loading at launch. Remove ''KSPCCommunityFixes'' fixe the problem. Here is the log, if you want take a look https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dgREvE2weV3CN8DwkfAoCEYD9G0QECcG?usp=sharing
  9. The flickering you are seeing in the video is due to the EVE city light . Just have to disable it.
  10. Hello ! I have a very weird bug After extensive tests, it seems that Waterfall (when used with ''Katniss'sCapeCanaveral for KSRSS'') is causing problems to ''GravityTurn continued'' and ''NASA CountDown Clock Updated'' On the launchpad, the ''gravity turn'' launch button is not present (it should be), to make it appear, you have to do a timewarp. After the timewarp, you can use ''gravity turn'', but it's not possible anymore to make appear the ''Nasa Countdawn'' window. I think that the game think that you are not landed anymore. It's not doing this with every rockets, but for exemple, the bug occure with the SLS craft file from ''Artemis Construction Kit | Stockalike Orion & SLS'' It's a situation pretty specific, but when I remove waterfall or Katniss, there is no problem anymore. I guess that there is a weird interaction between those two mods causing the two others to bug. In case you want reproduce this, you can find here log/photos/gamedata : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1KFLfi_Iy5UfprhCqlLXUIhlCYLRrBT0-?usp=sharing
  11. Hey ! After the very good looking of restock RCS effect, it's pretty hard to see the ''stock effect'' of RCS from other mods So, just a little technical question, is it possible to do a patch that add the effect to all RCS/Monoprop engines. Or the config have to be done one by one per engine ? Thanks
  12. For what I know, the only mod that add atmosphere to Tylo is "realistic atmospheres".
  13. This error happen because of the new update of scatterer 0.0722. I guess that scatterer configs of mods like spectra or AVP have to be redone, or at least modify to be compatible.
  14. Hey ! Having a lot of fun with kerbalism for month now ! Thank very much for this wonderfull add on I have a suggestion and a question : As suggestion, I found pretty counter intuitive that when we right click on the icons in the kerbalism windows (Probe,Crew,Relay...) it don't hide every other icons than the one we are clicking on. Like in stock in the Tracking station. So if I want hide every other vessels than probe, I have to click one by one on every other icons to hide them. If I'm not missing something ^^ Also, I would like to add ullage without completely break kerbalism. I see some mods like Real fuel stock or Engine reignited which can do it. Is there one known to not work too bad with kerbalism ? Thank you !
  15. Hey ! I use janitor closet to hide most of my mods icons in the stock toolbar (I hate have to scroll ^^) It work perfectly every time I launch the game. But after two or three windows switch (ksc to flight to Trackingstation to VAB etc) it become a complet mess. Some of the buttons reappears and I can't even more click on janitor closet or most of other mods icons. Is there a way to prevent that or to reset janitor closet while ingame ? I can provide a log if it could help Thanks !
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