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  1. Awesome ! I feel 2020 will be an excellent year Thanks for all your work
  2. Hi ! Just to know, is there a techtree mod which support or fit very well with BDB ? I'm thinking about my next carrer game ^^ Thanks !
  3. On my game, I had these warning when using ''real fuel'', ''real fuel stockalike'' and the related config file from ''Extra'' BDB. It didn't occure again since I removed these two mods.
  4. Ahah awesome ! I'm still playing every day on KSRSS which is already so beautiful So hype about the future enhancements ^^
  5. Yes of course. For that you can use rescale : But Ksrss is not realy made to do that. If you want play in a real solar system you should directly use that :
  6. Hi ! You can find all you need on the wiki :
  7. Awesome ! Thank you for you help @raidernick
  8. Hi ! In RO,, when an engine is ignited, it take a few second before apply his force (even at full throttle) I love this feature and was wondering what mod or .cfg create this effect. Someone know this info ? Thanks
  9. Ouah Ok sorry ! I thought that only blok ''E'' and' ''I'' was existing soviet upper stage, and deduce that was kerbalised names ^^ Thanks for answering to this stupid question
  10. Well, maybe the most easy way for me to keep Real fuel is to update his config with ''Engine Ignitor'' stats. I never did this kind of thing, but I'll try ^^
  11. Ok @Zorg thank you for your fast answer ! I guess I now have to do some tests to find a way to disable real fuel ignition limit and use only those from Engine Ignitor ^^
  12. Talking about wiki (That could be awesome really ^^), I'm sorry but I don't understand what is the real counterpart of the 4 beautiful upper stages on the first page. Someone could tell the real names of thoses stages ?
  13. Hi ! So for ignitions what is the most up to date and accurate config ? The one from ''Stock Real Fuel'' Config (Include in extras) or the one from Engine Ignitor ? I have Stock Real Fuel for BDB engines, but also ''Engine Ignitor Re-ignited'' for Tantares and Knes. I didn't known about BDB native Engine ignitor config si I might have to fear a compatibility issue I guess...
  14. Hi ! I guess the answer is no, but to be sure I'll ask ^^ Is there any chance to see a principia compatibility patch for KSRSS (Kerbin Size Real Solar System) ? I saw some compatibility patch for some other systems