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  1. Hey ! After the very good looking of restock RCS effect, it's pretty hard to see the ''stock effect'' of RCS from other mods So, just a little technical question, is it possible to do a patch that add the effect to all RCS/Monoprop engines. Or the config have to be done one by one per engine ? Thanks
  2. For what I know, the only mod that add atmosphere to Tylo is "realistic atmospheres".
  3. This error happen because of the new update of scatterer 0.0722. I guess that scatterer configs of mods like spectra or AVP have to be redone, or at least modify to be compatible.
  4. Hey ! Having a lot of fun with kerbalism for month now ! Thank very much for this wonderfull add on I have a suggestion and a question : As suggestion, I found pretty counter intuitive that when we right click on the icons in the kerbalism windows (Probe,Crew,Relay...) it don't hide every other icons than the one we are clicking on. Like in stock in the Tracking station. So if I want hide every other vessels than probe, I have to click one by one on every other icons to hide them. If I'm not missing something ^^ Also, I would like to add ullage without completely break ker
  5. Hey ! I use janitor closet to hide most of my mods icons in the stock toolbar (I hate have to scroll ^^) It work perfectly every time I launch the game. But after two or three windows switch (ksc to flight to Trackingstation to VAB etc) it become a complet mess. Some of the buttons reappears and I can't even more click on janitor closet or most of other mods icons. Is there a way to prevent that or to reset janitor closet while ingame ? I can provide a log if it could help Thanks !
  6. Awesome ! Just tested it and the physical bug is fixed Thank you very much for your work and your time, KSP is even more enjoyable now ^^
  7. Hello @Nertea and @danfarnsy Thank you for your answer and your time ! After multiple tests it appears that this uncontrollable wobble happens only when FAR and Waterfall are simultaneously installed. Each one works perfectly alone. So there is kind of an interaction between these two mods. What's strange is that I didn't have any physical bug like this with all the previous engine in the techtree (I'm playing career). If you have an idea about how to fix this problem I will take it ^^ This physical glitch doesn't happen when realplume is installed instead of waterfall
  8. Hey ! Just want to point a strange behaviour. When waterfall and waterfall restock are installed, my LV-T45 engine make rocket wobble and become uncontrolable right after the lift (even very basic 2×Flt-400 fuel tank rockets) . After some tests, remove waterfall make the physic work again. But I thought that waterfall was just a visual mod right ?
  9. Hello Thank you very much for this mod and all this work, it's really awesome ^^ Everything work fine, but I have a terrible log spam for nullref. It happen only when I go on map view while in flight mod (not happen in the tracking station). You can fine here my log : https://we.tl/t-aJgrb8kS7R I have lot of mods but it seem that this log spam is related to parallax If you have an idea about how correct this I take it Thanks
  10. @AustralianKerbal KSRSS team is already working on integrating parallax for their next release. So yes
  11. DA229, I try to make principa work since the first release of KSRSS (more than a year now). I suggest you to forget the idea ^^ Sadly, nobody from the principia forum seem ok to take the time of doing a compatibility patch...
  12. Awesome ! I feel 2020 will be an excellent year Thanks for all your work
  13. Hi ! Just to know, is there a techtree mod which support or fit very well with BDB ? I'm thinking about my next carrer game ^^ Thanks !
  14. On my game, I had these warning when using ''real fuel'', ''real fuel stockalike'' and the related config file from ''Extra'' BDB. It didn't occure again since I removed these two mods.
  15. Ahah awesome ! I'm still playing every day on KSRSS which is already so beautiful So hype about the future enhancements ^^
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