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  1. omg, same problem here. If the most basic elements of the game -- such as MISSION REQUIREMENTS -- are glitched, then this shows horribly on the Dev team. This is extremely basic stuff.
  2. Greetings. I'm not sure if this should go here or technical support, so mod's please relocate if need be. I play on the PS4 KSP Enhanced Version with History and Parts Pack. There have been two early missions with basic requirements that by which i'm 100% positive I have fulfilled, and yet I do not receive credit for its completion. a) "Test the RT-5 Flee Booster on Launch Pad." Right. "Have the RT-5" checked off green. Good. Have the "Be on the Launch Pad" checked off green. Good. These are the only requirements. Now, when I choose the button "run test"
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