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  1. The bug isn't here everytime, and it isn't permanent at all. When i restart the game the bug's gone. Here is my mod list (if it could help) :
  2. Sorry for the double post but i want to report another bug (i never saw that bug before KSP 1.8.1) Sometimes, the service bays (every size) have a dark glitch. with both US2 version 1.7 and the beta 1.8.1 RC6 It's only on the miniatures, the "real" parts haven't that glitch Retart the game resolve the bug
  3. There is a localisation bug with the Cargo Storage Wedge in the RC6 version : The CargoStorageWedge.cfg look after "#autoLOC_US_USCargoWedge" tag, but in the localisations files it"'s labelled "#autoLOC_US_US_CargoWedge"
  4. Hello. First, thanks for this mod I think there is a little problem with the little cockpit view in the lower right of the HUD (Mk2 inline for the exemple here, but there is the same problem with the MK3 inline of your MK3 Expansion) Is there something i'm doing wrong ?
  5. Hello. First of all, thank you for this wonderful mod. Secondly, sorry for my poor english. I've got two questions : 1- I find anoying the Buffalo parts were simultaneous in the "Buffalo Icon" in the "Simple mode", and everywhere in the others categories (always in the simple mode). How can i make deseappear the Buffalo Icon ? 2 - I'm very surprised of the quantity of ballast necessary for a submarine to go underwater.It seems the the submarine have to be a big ballast. Is there a possbile bug here ? Thank you