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  1. So I designed a mobile ground defense station with BDAc, but I used the largest stock wheels and they wont turn. It drives forward just fine but it won't at all. I tried out other wheels on other crafts and they worked fine, so it isn't a problem with wheels in general. I tried one with those wheels too and, while it was slow, it was able to turn. Anything I could be missing. The large wheels don't appear to rotate at all. Edit: Ok nevermind, I have reverted to using more, smaller platforms. However, now, if I engage and then disengage AI control, can't move forward or backward. The wheels rotate, but don't spin.
  2. Umm, it has been a more than a full day. Is there no solution to my problem or are all of the users dead? I have already had to do 3 extra testing launches for a new rocket I built. Edit: NVM, apparently I had a mod that replaced the info with another format, but it did not work. At least the showing the actual data part, the hiding the rest worked just fine LOL.
  3. When I enter the VAB, the stock buttons for changing delta v stats on the stages from altitude to vacuum and everything else in that area are completely gone along with the mechjeb drop-down menu. How do I fix this? I don't want to have to do 1+ additional test flight to find out the delta v and TWR for my upper stages and payloads. Edit: Yes, I have tried launching and reverting, leaving and reentering the VAB, switching back and forth with the SPH, restarting KSP, restarting my laptop.
  4. Thanks, turning off some reaction wheels helped!
  5. So, I am building a massive station. 10 parts at least. So, I recently added a big solar panel module and the whole thing started shaking. The docking port in question that is the only one moving is Bluedog Design Bureau Belle - Leo docking mechanism. For docking mods I have Mechjeb and Dock Rotate. If there are any other mods in CKAN that you know can fix this I could you please share. Or any other way to fix it. Edit: A few parts have the option to hold crew but I currently have no crew on board.
  6. I see a lot of people ask: "why not use this propellant", (please don't read this in a passive-aggressive sarcastic voice) and they forget that the Soyuz / R7 was THE FIRST space faring rocket. While they have upgraded it, if they were to have done something as drastic as changing propellant or something else, they probably would have renamed it. I notice the fact of the Saturn rockets and that is because they were only for one program (technically two because of Skylab, but it probably wasn't even a though before the last few Apollo missions.), so it would make sense to keep the name. However, the reason the Falcon 9 was able to be so revolutionary was because it was designed from the ground up. Modern day Delta and Atlas rockets a pretty different from their first variants, but what keeps some of them limited is that they are still based on that 50-80 year old technology. Also, Russia does not have the same funding as NASA or ULA. They haven't made any new rockets since the fall of the USSR. It has all been Soyuzs (Soyuzi? Whatever the plural of Soyuz is.) and Protons since then. Come to think of it, that is all they have ever used. In the end, I think the main reason for the continued use of hot staging is funding, or lack there of.
  7. So, I am trying to capture an asteroid for the first time and I cannot target it or even see the orbit path. From what i have read I have to go to the Tracking Station and click on the object and then hit "Start Tracking" , or something. However, no matter where I select it from, I see no options (other that "view in tracking station" while piloting). I can't see the orbit path or target it either. What a I missing?
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