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  1. Construction docking ports are not compressing. The option to do so doesn't appear at all. Angle snap options are also not appearing. v1.7.2
  2. I've already tried altering graphics settings. It was one of the first things I fiddled with. I suspect the cause was a mod update, and there's a conflict somewhere. I think one of the recent mod updates was aviation lights, so I'm going to try uninstalling that and see if it fixes things, and I'll get back to you. EDIT 1: I will take another look at my graphics settings, too, because there's one thing I didn't think of. I can't remember what the particular setting is called but I'll know it when I see it. I turned it down the other day to see if it would help my frame rates around a big station I'm building. Turns out, it didn't, so it's pointless turning it down anyway. EDIT 2: The setting is called 'Render Quality' and, it turns out, having it set to 'fastest' is causing the problem. I turned it up to 'fantastic' and no issue, but I haven't tested anything in between, so I'm not sure what the cutoff is. For now, it's working as intended, and I'm happy. I'm especially happy that it wasn't a mod conflict, because I do liek me dem aviation lights.
  3. Well this started happening today. This is the Coriolis habitation module inflated. Looks fine, right? But this is how it looks deflated. The animation was working fine just yesterday, and the only thing that's changed were a couple of mod updates on CKAN but to be honest, I couldn't tell you which ones they were. I know it wasn't the toolbar controller update, because that happened later on, which I know because I only found it when I was trying to find out if CKAN has a mod history somewhere, so I could figure out what got updated and reverse it. Anyway, all the other hab module animations seem to work just fine, including the big Wake Field thingy in Interstellar. I'm going to try using this module as is anyway, because I want it on a station and when it's inflated, it looks fine. It just looks crap deflated. I tested it in a launch vehicle with a fairing just big enough to cover how big the module SHOULD be, and the parts sticking out didn't appear to interfere with aerodynamics as far as I could tell, so I think it's just a visual glitch, not a physics one.