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  1. I suspect that KSP2 will have around the same system requirements with only demanding a little more from your GPU.
  2. Nice I am going to use this in my Usi save
  3. The license is listed above the screenshot and is available in the download
  4. Zero's Atmospheres v1.0 MIT License Copyright (c) 2019 Zero-a1 (Summary) This mod aims to add better looking atmospheres to Ksp while being GPU friendly. Although not as good looking as scatterer it should keep your frames up. (Issues) 1. Disappearing haze at 55km 2. A small amount of lag with EVE configs ---------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to report issues: (Screenshots) (Compatibility) This mod is not compatible with SVE AVP etc. This mod is compatible with EVE configs however. (Dependencies) Environmental Visual Enhancements: Module Manager: (Downloads)'s Feel free to post screenshots in the comments!
  5. What would the recommended specs be for this mod?
  6. The clouds don't appear at 50-150km my logs; Gamedata screenshot:
  7. I have the mod installed yet I cant find the settings window.