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  1. I think you're just waiting for the release of KSP2. Most likely it doesn’t make sense to do something for KSP1. Sorry.
  2. You were right) Another question just arose. In the main menu - settings - graphics, in the option "Terrain Detail" what to choose? There are options: Low - Default - High - Galaxies Unbound LOW - Galaxies Unbound Medium - Galaxies Unbound High - JNSQ Low - JNSQ Default - JNSQ High. In this order.
  3. Unfortunately not I tried to landing on these planets (cheat-menu alt+f12), textures are not visible. Alas(
  4. Some planets are visible as dark objects without textures. Without JNSQ are displayed correctly. If you need some log-files please tell me where to get them? I don't know where they are. Proksimus Kirbani: Nova Kirbani A: Nova Kirbani B:
  5. So sad, GU incompatible with JNSQ. Some planets from GU are displayed incorrectly. It is a pity, JNSQ is also a very good modification.
  6. Galaxies Unbound: Nova Kirbani compatible with JNSQ? JNSQ like only the stock system changes. As far as I understand, GU is a new star systems. GU does not change the stock system. Can you work together with JNSQ authors?)
  7. but I only have a stock system in the game. and nothing else. my kerbals don't understand anything
  8. in the main menu: in the game: latest versions installed: Environmental Visual Enhancements Kopernicus ModularFlightIntegrator Scatterer ModuleManager.4.0.2 what am I doing wrong?
  9. I stopped playing KSP because I am waiting for the release Galaxies Unbound Series )))