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  1. Just watched the cinematic teaser for KSP 2. Wow! Hope we get upgrades and access to other facilities at the KSP, especially the Wind Tunnel at the R & D complex. How many Kerbal lives and how much equipment could be saved by first testing our designs in the wind tunnel?
  2. Hello. Tough to describe this in just a few words. In career mode; I had progressed very far, earning lots of cash and science and reputation. Sent a Kerbal to the North pole to get some science. After planting a flag, weird graphics started happening. Near the flag a spinning pinwheel appeared; it was bluish-pinkish color, triangular, pointy, pinwheel shaped. I tried to get the Kerbal to grab or touch it, but couldn't. It just hovered, spinning near the flag. I then panned the camera around to look at the landscape. Looking directly North, not far from the North pole a spinning sphere appeare
  3. Having just base jumped my scientist Bob Kerman from the top of the VAB, I'm ready to leap from a high altitude balloon platform shouting "Excelsior" while saluting Colonel Joseph W. Kittinger.
  4. Would it be helpful to players, especially new ones, to let the VAB's open doors display something other than always showing daytime lighting? It's unsettling to launch your vehicle from the VAB looking out at daylight, and arrive at the pad during darkness. This simple graphic tweak wouldn't even have to sync with real time, just a three panel display of full daylight, full darkness, dawn / dusk.
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