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  1. I recently added OPT Spaceplane to my arsenal of mods, and during the process of getting it to work, a side mod that I downloaded came with a handy camera that you can mount anywhere on your craft. I really liked the idea for cinematics, and went out to find a similar mod that wont screw up my preexisting ones. The only other i found was HullCameraVDS, and it crashed my game. I tried looking into the crash log, but I couldn't figure out what was making it crash. So I deleted HullCameraVDS and it works fine now. Does anyone know of any substitutes compatible with the latest or near latest version of KSP? Thanks!
  2. @JadeOfMaar thanks a million! Now I’m having another problem. I can’t configure tanks, and my plane is spawning about a klick above the ground. I’ve had to strap six solid fuel boosters to the wings to keep it from hitting the ground.
  3. I'm so exited about this mod I've dreamt of it. But every time I save or load the game crashes! I've installed everything correctly, and i even tried the KSP 1.2.2 version. Help!!
  4. Most of the time KSP will crash on startup and it ALWAYS crashes when saving, loading, or launching a craft. This only happened after I downloaded OPT (Orbital Portal Technology). I reinstalled KSP and removed every mod. I then redownloaded OPT exactly as instructed. I'm using Steam KSP. Here's an image of the Debug folder.
  5. I'm using the Steam version of KSP so I think this is the closest thing to the logs. Also I just tried reinstalling the game and deleting every mod and reinstalling OPT SpacePlane into KSP with all other required downloads and exactly as instructed. But now the game crashes on startup. .____.
  6. I recently installed OPT onto KSP (Steam), and I must say. I’m still super exited for all the stuff I can build now. But every time I load an OPT ship, the game crashes. Same if I try and save it. Could this be a version issue? If so, can I download a version of OPT compatible to the latest KSP? Or if there is no such OPT version, what version of KSP would I need to switch too? Thanks!
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