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  1. Do you think you can make a slightly more detailed guide? If you could include a list of steps to take that would be phenomenal!
  2. Is there a way to bind a hotkey to the increase of the angle of attack in flight? I haven't been able to find out how to do it. But even if I did, I still don't think it would work. In the screenshots I have the angle set to 80. I tried setting it to 150 manually, in the SPH and while the Osprey lifts off slower, it's horizontal speed is increased - to about 65m/s. This unfortunately still isn't enough however.
  3. I'm creating a V-22 Osprey replica with the new robotic parts (incredibly original idea, I know). I am using the largest helicopter blades and the R7000 turboshaft engine. The vehicle lifts off fine, albeit with some help from vernor engines, but the second I enter it into "plane" mode the engines are massively too weak to propel it, capping at about 35m/s. The vehicle weighs 66,5 tonnes. Is there any way of improving the thrust/weight ratio without adding more rotor/jet engines? Why is it that they have enough power to lift the whole thing off the ground, but not to propel it? Since I'm new here and couldn't figure out how to insert images into my post, here's an imgur link: https://imgur.com/a/msRQ73z
  4. On both 1.7.2 and 1.7.3 the "Remove from symmetry" option on mirrored parts is missing. In the patch notes for 1.7.3 they claim to have added it to all parts, not just the robotic parts, but it doesn't show up for me. I tried reinstalling the game, I even tried another computer, but it doesn't work. I have both DLCs installed.
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