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  1. Thanks for the welcome, fellow Kerbonaut! Sorry abou the error; I'll try to fix it ASAP. What's happening is I'm opening up a savegame in Year 20, but when it actually loads, I'm in Year 1, Day 1.
  2. http://bit.ly/ingamedatebug If you can't see what happened, I opened a save in which the in-game date was in Year 20. When it loaded, the date was, for some reason, changed to Year 1. What's happening?
  3. I've read everyone's replies and I think I'm just going to send a probe with 3 Science Jrs. and Goos to Eve. It's not much extra weight. Thanks, everyone!
  4. From what I've seen, the only ways to restore the Mystery Goo and Science Jr. parts are either to have a scientist go on EVA or to use the lab. But this is a problem. I want to send a science probe on a one-way trip to Eve's surface. Maximizing the science I'll get will require doing experiments in high atmosphere, low atmosphere, and on the ground/ocean. (I've already done a manned Gilly round-trip mission, so there's no more science to get from space.) This probe will have a barometer, thermometer, seismometer, atmospheric pressure scanner, Science Jr., and Mystery Goo. However, AFAIK the only way to get science from the 3 biomes I want to is to have 3 Science Jrs. and 3 Goos. But that's very heavy! Is there any way to solve my problem, besides stranding a scientist on the purple planet?
  5. Here's a station called Incolatus that I put into a 100x100 LKO in my newest sandbox game (yes, the inexplicable lack of a top-left solar panel irks me too — I have no idea what happened to it): Currently, Incolatus has room for 24 Kerbals. It also has 4 Clamp-o-Tron Jrs. and a whopping 14 regular Clamp-o-Trons: 8 in the upper section and 6 in the lower section (4 of them are inline, so it's hard to notice them). The station is currently quite useless, though I am planning to add a refueling depot and maybe some tiny escape pods.