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  1. @CobaltWolf should make some other usa stuff like ula spacex and other usa stuff and also add esa stuff in stockalike visual and also add X-33, 37, and 15
  2. are there good base mods other than mks hope to colonize every body
  3. @Thrimm are you going to make KPBS hollow parts that adapt to the domes
  4. un fortunately the save file was corrupted and i cant revive it. but i can remake the core possibly.
  5. first module getting ready for space. you are welcome to give away your own modules
  6. based on freedom space stationand the lunar getaway stationi will use a space craft called orionis
  7. could you make a expansion to this mod with truck cockpits, bays, flatbed ramps, and hitches
  8. colonist do what they do in the other mod and rangers defend and engineer
  9. kerbal traits adds farbals, copilots, rangers, passengers, and colonist this is an update to maculators Colonists! License: MIT Download: Spacedock
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