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  1. I name mine by launcher type typically, and then add a further designation based on payload. One example was the C-108 B OKTO Rescue. The booster was from the C108 line (8th main booster in the save), third variant (-, A, B), and it was an OKTO 2 run rescue ship. Of course, if I had multiple launchers that did a similar job, I came up with slightly more creative names (C-116 Typhoon comes to mind)
  2. I have been known to use staged boosters. I'm a big fan of doing a semi-vacuum optimized core with sea level optimized boosters though. If staged, these boosters will have a vacuum optimized upper stage.
  3. I managed to land in space (somewhere between the Mun and Kerbin)
  4. I avoid using RCS thrusters on almost any vehicle that doesn't have to dock (and sometimes I forget to put it on those that do, I have more than my fair share of docking experience without RCS). I also avoid RTGs.
  5. TIL that landing debris still counts for landing on the Mun (the probe core exploded on impact, whoops).
  6. Finally got this behemoth into orbit of Minmus after an accidental flyby of Kerbol. In hindsight, it probably would have been easier to construct it in Minmus orbit in the first place...
  7. Successfully crash landed the shutle I forgot to put chutes and wheels on. Only lost a docking port and a wing