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  1. Hello, Please check this reply, page 3 with video: is the CentauriDreams mod adapted to this Challenge.
  2. About "radial tanks" deftly I will try them, but that would change the all ship design/model, but yes if they are droppable I need to consider a try in that design. About the new release I am still a big scary , the last one had a huge impact on so many mods that I had to revert back to previous, but sure I will try it
  3. I will use the "Kolonization" parts on "Von Broun" planet (target), I have a "Container Kit" with a "small factory" Inside that "Container Kit" is a big and mobile Factory, and after that I will create a House Colony to farm materials from drilling and then with those materials I plan to do the Colonization using the "Kolonization" @FreeThinker, If is possible, I would like to have your help/suggestions to reduce the weight on these parts in tones: Any Idea? Specially the red ones. Please note that the BigSphereTanks are empty
  4. Might not look like the images of a InterStelarShip science fiction movies, but this work in the simulator... Can keep a crew of 6 people awake all Journey in a total of 50 colonizers with (Cryonetic Freezing), in a max of pax 56 for 60 seats. Delta-V 172M for a payload 2tones Delta-V 170M for this one:
  5. Ok, thanks this are really Good inputs i will take that into account. Btw: The mini payload version is already on 171M deltav
  6. please check my reply after this one about it. ( Posted 17 hours ago ) I have now another payload instead 600tones this one have 128tones, but with no live Support, they need to be in Cryogenic Freeze all Journey
  7. We can use "suicide burn" when we are inside the SOI of the target, which is not the case. I am not counting with SOI influence and in this case they should be big, because the Ship will be inside 3 different SOIs: Escape "Sun" SOI, will decrease the initial acceleration. Intercept "Proxima Centauri A&B" SOI, will decrease the final deceleration. Intercept "Proxima Centauri" SOI , will decrease the final deceleration.
  8. Yes, indeed I noticed that I forgot to count with a higher TWR at the deceleration, will be just 2.5 years to do the deceleration, total 18.5 years then! Not counting time to refuel and time to final rendezvous
  9. TOTAL Distance: 41,386,231,576,325,600.00 3.5 years with continuous acceleration, travel distance: 4,652,348,400,000,000.00 12.5 years travel cruise speed, travel distance: 33,410,777,176,325,600.00 and another 2.5 years with continuous de-acceleration, travel distance: 3,323,106,000,000,000.00 Yes indeed the trick part of the tests that I have done, is to break and enter in the Star SOI, once there I target the initial speed to be around 100,000m/s to enter/travel inside the Star System, until reach the target planet neighborhood orbit, please remind that the star will do a permanent acceleration to the ship, should keep between 200,000m/s and 300,000m/s delta-V for that. Once near the planet, to do the final burn to be in the Star orbit "near" of the Target planet. Once there just a matter of doing the final planet rendezvous. But yes in my generic calculations didn't discount these 300,000m/s to make sure that we will land on the planet. Maybe the final version will have just a separated tank for that reserve
  10. Project: InterStellar-Prob: Have a project to send a probe with payload 1850kg to AlfaCentauri in 18 (3.5+12+2.5) years only! -or- Project: InterStellar-Humans: Have a project to send a Craft with Humans in a payload 600,000kg to AlfaCentauri in 23.5 (3.5+17.5+2.5) years only! Preliminary Conclusions of the InterStellar SpaceShip Study on Kerbal Space Program with ksp-interstellar mod: It's possible to go on a planet of Alfa Centauri (distance: 41,386,231,576,325,600m) in 18 years of InterStellar Ship travel time: · Max cruise speed: 84,300 km/s · Max cruise in speed of light: (28.1% speed of light) · Total InterStellar Ship delta-V 168,600 km/s (56.2% speed of light) These 19 years will have a dilatation of time of 1.042: · On Earth this 18 years will be 18.798 + 4.367 (light travel time). On Earth we will acknowledge the landing in 23.165 years:
  11. Hello cybutek, Congratulations for your excellent mod, but I found a problem on this function: FILE: BuildAdvanced.cs #line 415 private void DrawBurnTime() { GUILayout.BeginVertical(GUILayout.Width(75.0f * GuiDisplaySize.Offset)); GUILayout.Label("BURN", titleStyle); for (int i = 0; i < stagesLength; ++i) { stage = stages; if (showAllStages || stage.deltaV > 0.0) { GUILayout.Label(TimeFormatter.ConvertToString(stage.time), infoStyle); } } GUILayout.EndVertical(); } If the burn time is bigger than 24h, the value will be zero, can you please fix it? or just print on console log the stage.time Many thanks in advance!
  12. Got it (@FreeThinker), there is only one way to do it, I mean make a 3th stage to work, replace 600tones of payload and transform the 600tones in another 3th Stage... of 1850kg of payload that could give with Daedalus: Another 18.85M delta-V on a total 143.85M delta-V, so that's why in theory work but not in practice, but can give 47.95% speed of light, to send a probe is ok! with Bussard: Another 43.6M delta-V on a total 168.6M delta-V, so that's why in theory work but not in practice, but can give 56.2% speed of light, to send a probe is ok! (and this is my new record then!)