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  1. Actually all problems solved: With some simple modifications the ship now is very maneuver like a whale in the ocean. and can takeoff from Kerbin also, with all main fuel tanks empty ofc.
  2. Hello @FreeThinker Using already KSPI, I am trying to tuning this new version, Alfa2StellarShuttleA: One of the problem is that I need to resize also the nuclear reactor to fuel this new engine size, and most certain the respective reactor fuel. The other problem is that the is ship right now is like a block don't do any maneuver except go in front line! I don't know if there is any problem with engine gimbal or if really need to push engine a little bit to bottom of the ship, I am studding the possibilities that don't cost to much weight, any idea?
  3. It's not exactly a lamp light... Just another fanci one that only do 50MdeltaV, but a lot cheaper! Going to the new one at mega size: Max Speed: Between 0.76c and 0.78c (non-reusable ship) Dont explode in launchpad is a begging...
  4. @FreeThinker The old models that are just theoretic models never flown are these ones: K:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\saves\InterStar\Ships\VAB>dir /B *M.craft 191M.craft 251M.craft 263M.craft 272M.craft 30M.craft Daedalus_and_Bussard-v3_3-105M.craft Daedalus_and_Bussard-v3_3-124M.craft Daedalus_and_Bussard-v3_4-172M.craft Daedalus_and_Bussard-v3_5-170M.craft Daedalus_and_Bussard-v3_6-143M.craft Daedalus_and_Bussard-v3_7-145M.craft Daedalus_and_Bussard-v4-153M.craft Daedalus_and_Bussard-v4-163M.craft Daedalus_and_Bussard-v4-164M.craft Daedalus_and_Bussard-v4-165M.craft InterStellarShuttle-v5-1-117M.craft InterStellarShuttle-v5-117M.craft InterStellarShuttle-v5-2-117M.craft If you think that is useful I can make a zip with them. Only this ship can get 0.906c Max speed AlphaCentauri in 9 years. TRAPPIST1 in 36 years. NOTE: Earth Years
  5. Without multiple sets/instances of this one: Alfa1.8StellarShuttle-v5-9F3 161.6Mdelta-V(60m) = 0.536c So for previous model Alfa1.8StellarShuttle-v5-9 = 0.416c Max. Speed With 141M total deltaV, I have done 125,000km/s for cruise. (Estimate: 78 years based on previous flights data to TRAPPIST1 - 18 years for Alpha Centauri (flight done)) For this one Alfa1.8StellarShuttle-v5-9F3 161.6Mdelta-V(60m) = 0.536c Max. Speed With 161M I estimate doing: 145,000km/s for cruise. (Estimate: 70 years based on previous flights data to TRAPPIST1 - 16.2 years for Alpha Centauri) @FreeThinker 3 posts almost in a shot to resume the stuff done today, I hope not too much information in a raw... NOTE: Earth years.
  6. Another variation of Alfa1_8StellarShuttle-v5-9F with tanks and engine at 60: 159.8Mdelta-V(60m)
  7. After some experiences here is the result, direct support to from 45m to 60m: Go from 141Mdelta-V (45m) to 147.9Mdelta-V(60m)on Alfa1_8StellarShuttle-v5-9F with an extra fuel tank from x4 to x5 increase to 151.9Mdelta-V(60m). About the one that I am trying to build is about this structure (or a huge quad cone/ring that I don't have), basically is 4 x Alfa1_8StellarShuttle-v5-9F aiming to have 290Mdelta-V
  8. 40 (which is the official release value that you have) work well and also 45 tested. I am curious about an engine of 60, but scared about fuel consumption, but once this engine scale so nice I can only expect the best!
  9. later on I can share more details, (remote now) If you look to the current size of the ship it is already huge, 45m diameter 1.4km long, 1 million tones when full loaded. Now image a super large ring with instances of this ship and even one stage of Daedalus engines in the middle, KSP is not prepared for things of this scale/magnitude, so is very painful to do edition, some times I prefer the notepad++ to do small changes. But I don't consider it impossible. If you look close: "0.613, 0.95, 1.13, 1.875, 2.5, 3.75, 5.0, 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45 " All this values are +-50% bigger except the last one, with 45 still follow the rule of 50% bigger. But hey... I like big things specially engines!
  10. I can build faster ships, based on this Bussard engines that I have in mind... the problem is that I don't have the parts that I need to construct them in a way that keep them more robust. I have a version of this ship that do 0.9c but once I turn on the engines... all blow away. For now this one that do 0.41c cruise is the most stable one, actually is very stable.
  11. The Kopernicus team is supporting not officially this release as you can see here, in a close loop: About the "excess light" yes that's exactly the problem, I will solve this issue today later on, the idea is to setup the environment for another set of tests using KSPI, in the interstellar travels. I plan also update the SpacePlane of the Ship to increase the stall speed with the new canards. I will also do some travels to REX with a new version InterStellar Ship: Alfa1_8StellarShuttle-v5-9F in revision to Alfa1_8StellarShuttle-v5-10 for this Alpha Centauri and others. @FreeThinker you asked before, you were wondering about the time needed using this Ship, for those in REX, according to my calculation extrapolation from last InterStellar demo the other start will take like is described in image 18, 21, 26, 37 and 78 years (earth years) to reach each star from Kerbin or Earth.
  12. The problem is not 1.8.1. If I install by the book 1.7.3 and 1.8.1 just with REX the results are 100% equal. The problem is the adding some more planet and star packs, I have 83 addons, that some how are raising that problem of excess of light, thanks for your concerns I understand them. I believe that I found the solution, fixing the other mod pack and keep those both files. Thanks!
  13. I think that this is the accumulated light with sunset also. At full night: With space plane lights on: