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  1. The best tool that I know and use it for that, is the "Craft Manager" will list the mod names that are missing, even before load it, helps a lot a shorten the time needed to load/find mods for a random/downloaded craft.
  2. Hello @linuxgurugamer "??? Not sure what you mean" This is regarding some air-crafts that I do and share in KerbalX, once they have a complex set of mods and not all install-able by CKAN, I also have some kind of set's receipts like this. Sample: "This makes it too complicated. I don't' mind doing a grouping as above, but that would be simply to help organize it. But I'm not going down the path of different versions for different performant computer. And my "normal" computer is someone else's "fast", etc. " The Idea behind this is the following, have 2 versions, one with the full set of Visual Effects and Mod helpers for a full complete experinece and another just with the basics that allow the load of all crafts in general: Simulation of Life Support / Realism Better Visual Effects ( scatter, BLO and so on ) More Technology (engines, tanks, drills and so on) Optional's (quick search this and that for example) Planet packs, (Like real Exo planets and Real Solar System or even Real Solar System with Stock) At green the mandatory ones to load the crafts. And the for a better and complete experience "all" set, basically this can be done with 2 CKAN lists. I can share my grouping if you think that this is helpful to understand my idea.
  3. For those that want to see a close look of the daily evolution of what is going on, you can access to this link: This is just the begging of the curve, will be millions in the near future, with this trend.
  4. Actually @FreeThinker he used the TundraExploration's plume to the thermal nozzle of KSPIE, is not "video editing after effects" So this one: Actually is not easy to installTundra Exploration due all dependencies, due all deprecated deps.: Extra Note: I installed all deps in latest for 1.8.1, but it seams that the video was done in 1.7.1 Which give this effect in a small scale for Falcon9: For BFR (starship):
  5. Hello @FreeThinker I am curious about several things, one of them what is this: @ 552second, looks like the ones of Civilization Population but at the same time this are very nice and futuristic I found it here: And they work at 1.8.1++
  6. Technically this is not a land is a crash! But it's nice anyway!
  7. Another version now with Sound/Redone with some GuideLines and Notes:
  8. Is not Dying, officially is on development, but I can guess that no body is at office working... because of Covid-19, so guessing all at home, working hard at least I hope so! Microsoft is also facing the same issue with FS2020, I hope that hey don't have any delays, at least for all us Zombies trying to survive/avoid to Covid-19 is a good way to pass time while at home, while the vaccine is being studied and tested (avoiding some bureaucracies like President Tramp say) but I don't know why the first thought that came to my mind is "Resident Evil" sequel
  9. Hello @MacLuky this rover is real well done! I am trying to do something similar... but don't know exactly what I am looking for. I just know that need to be small, packed/folded and lighter
  10. Hello @linuxgurugamer, This comes in handy, once I am doing now some "Saturn V" based vehicles I will test now this version in order to check how will be a night Launch, today I posted a video (PART I) in "The Daily Kerbal" but the launch is very dark, another-thing very useful is for rendezvous also in dark side of the Moon.
  11. From Earth to Moon (Using Real Solar System Mod) using TACL Life Support. Stage I DeltaV: 4289m/s (Low Earth Orbit) (Atmospheric: 3810m/s) Stage II DeltaV: 5783m/s (Earth Orbit) (Atmospheric: 3863m/s) Stage III DeltaV: 6191m/s (Translunar injection) SM: DeltaV: 2544m/s (SLM: 1800m/s) LM: Stage I DeltaV: 2917m/s (Descend) LM: Stage II DeltaV: 1874m/s (Ascend) Some useful reference/magic numbers: Moon Orbit PE: 114km (Ideal to do the LM landing + Ideal to do a cheaper re-orbit) Earth Orbit for re-entry PE: 45km (to avoid a: miss re-entry) PART I: PART II: PART III: What do you think?
  12. Hello @Retro Starship, really nice! It seems that we are doing similar things I am doing the same but for Earth/Moon here, I will post the videos soon:
  13. I have done all mission in a Apollo11/12 style once this mission is Big, I had to make a few videos/parts of 10GB each... Instead of using KOS to I tried to use flight manually most of the the time (to re-create Apollo12 problem with computers) I just used a little help from MechJeb. I have done dozens of simulations with my ships to Kerbin/Mun or Earth/Moon, but doing it with Saturn V, it's much harder, once the vehicle was constructed in the verge of limit to make that happen in terms of technology available at that time. I am now preparing the videos/upload to youtube. Was done with Earth / Moon ( Using Real Solar System ):