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  1. Hello @R-T-B I admire your persistence fixing the Kopernicus There is a experimental fix that I used for SpaceX-RO-Falcons: in K:\Kopernicus\src\Kopernicus\Components\KopernicusStar.cs you have this mention: (//Why is this happening?) // Get "Correct" values try { flightIntegrator.BaseFICalculateSunBodyFlux(); } catch { //Why is this happening? <--------LINE 382 } I fixed this commenting these lines: FILE:K:\ModularFlightIntegrator\ModularFlightIntegrator.cs protected override void CalculateSunBodyFlux() { if (calculateSunBodyFluxPre != null) { calculateSunBodyFluxPre(this); } if (calculateSunBodyFluxOverride == null) { base.CalculateSunBodyFlux(); } //else //{ //calculateSunBodyFluxOverride(this); //} if (calculateSunBodyFluxPost != null) { calculateSunBodyFluxPost(this); } } From my side this stop the spamming of 200 exceptions per second, which compromise the performance and make KSP.log larger I hope I had helped a bit. Cheers!
  2. I think that @TheLoneOne is referring to: Which have the code here: https://github.com/Arrowstar/ksptot This feature is available: "Plan ballistic trajectories, gravity assist maneuvers, injection orbits and more using the same basic orbital mechanics and patched conics system that KSP uses! No more infinitesimal sphere of influence approximations to ruin your burn planning."
  3. Hello @linuxgurugamer [1] Actually I have exactly the same problem, long time ago, with my Kerbol System installation on KSP 1.12.3 Directory of K:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\CraftManager\Plugins\KatLib.dll Directory of K:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\KXAPI\Plugins\KatLib.dll This happen when we install the CraftManager plugin. The problem: Once when I deleted that dll suggested I also had another FATAL error, so I decided to use an old version to workaround this problem, I forgot also to comment on it at that time. My suggested solution: Is to install this version of ZeroMiniAVC: (it still works perfectly for me at least on KSP 1.12.3) [2] But today I took another shot to try it and update it again to latest version and I got a FATAL exception that close the KSP loading window. ERROR: [EXC 14:47:51.094] [ModuleManager] The patching thread threw an exception: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: K:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\KIS\Plugins\MiniAVC-V2.dll at System.Diagnostics.FileVersionInfo.GetVersionInfo (System.String fileName) [0x0000d] in <ef151b6abb5d474cb2c1cb8906a8b5a4>:0 at ModuleManager.ModListGenerator.GenerateModList (System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[T] modsAddedByAssemblies, ModuleManager.Progress.IPatchProgress progress, ModuleManager.Logging.IBasicLogger logger) [0x000a2] in <a0f9d7e5c0864d32839c501c53536c2a>:0 at ModuleManager.MMPatchLoader.Run () [0x000f3] in <a0f9d7e5c0864d32839c501c53536c2a>:0 at ModuleManager.MMPatchRunner+<>c__DisplayClass10_0.<Run>b__1 () [0x00001] in <a0f9d7e5c0864d32839c501c53536c2a>:0 at ModuleManager.Threading.BackgroundTask+<>c__DisplayClass0_0.<Start>g__RunAction|0 () [0x00002] in <a0f9d7e5c0864d32839c501c53536c2a>:0 logs just in case if they are needed: https://www.dropbox.com/s/filmmxfr925jiso/AVC.zip?dl=0 Also the content of that directory: Cheers
  4. Hello, The pmborg / SpaceX-RO-Falcons for SpaceX-pack is available for KSP 1.12.3: VIDEO: MAIN PAGE: https://github.com/pmborg/SpaceX-RO-Falcons
  5. Hello, Yes Civilian Population works perfectly with USI (CORE, FTT, MKS and TOOLS) and optionally you can use USI-LS.
  6. Hello, I create a my own solution for this problem with this patch: Copy the content of, this zip to gamedata directory: https://www.dropbox.com/s/33ku5gqmutdzkt8/pmborg-multi-ISRU.zip?dl=1 Then let me know if you like it!
  7. you can see in that Benchmark link the HW description that was on another system that I have, that now I use as a server, but this one is faster. Yes true, what is good in AMD 5950X is that AMD optimized the microcode of 99% of the instructions (so 4.6Ghz = 5.1.Ghz 11900 generation) and AMD have a special turbo when work in single core which boosts from 4.8Ghz to 5Ghz, like KSP and disable the other cores... With 12900K Intel also optimized the microcode to allow most of the instructions to run in one cpu/cycle time also and that made it really fast. With my current system I can pull 185FPS on KSP and 130/140FPS in flight. But 12900k is faster in single core about 19% than AMD 5950X, I am curious to see the results of your upgrade, nevertheless don't forgot about graphic card. For example from 1070-TI to 2080-TI the FPS just double, is like passing from 70FPSto 140FPS in KSP. In resume cpu is very important it can handle differences in 30/40% of FPS in KSP, but graphic card have a bigger impact on FPS, once can deliver 100% in 2080-TI or 150% using 3080-TI in relation with 1070-TI. In resume the 12900K is the new bests choice up today, but lets see about the rest of the system in order to check if it has a good performance also. Dont forget that the performance is the sum: GPU+CPU+BOARD+M2+RAM with this order of impact on KSP. But in your case your upgrade in FPS will be about 11% from my calculations you will pass from Gaming 215% to Gaming 239% which is quit fast!
  8. Hello @dave1904 This what you can get to your PC (12900k and a DDR4 z690 motherboard. ) if you have a card 2080TI and rest of parts world class like like ram disk, etc: https://www.userbenchmark.com/PCBuilder/Custom/S254075-M1675464.586821.1318565.1698466vsS254075-M1675464.1295288.1318565.1698466?tab=GPU This is what I have with one of my systems, without any OC: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/44702394 Test your current system and share the link is the best way to check how to improve step by step. Cheers!
  9. Hello @FreeThinker KSPI had several improvements recently which is good but... I noticed a problem with this latest build, if you check the "Rocinante" Kerbstein Fusion Drive engine one of my favorite ones for small ships, it lost the engine sound. No logs at the moment, but it should be easy to replicate I hope. Cheers.
  10. Hello all, Now we can! I saw this subject in 4 or 5 threads I will just reply on this one. Actually this is a subject that is annoying me for a long time now, like doing math every second to convert temperatures and check if all is ok. But I found out that this is possible to get this information, without the need of any new mod, but just using one that already exist, called: KOS It looks like this in the bottom image, with C and F option to allow earth wide a full happiness: How its done? simple 1 - Install this two mods: 2 - Create a file with this content at: <KSP ROOT>Ships\Script\boot\temp.ks clearscreen. print "Display temperature". SET gui TO GUI(200). LOCAL label IS gui:ADDLABEL(""). SET label:STYLE:ALIGN TO "CENTER". gui:SHOW(). UNTIL FALSE { set temp to BODY:ATM:ALTITUDETEMPERATURE(altitude). set label:text to "Outside-Temp: "+ ROUND (temp-273.15, 1)+" C". //set label:text to "Outside-Temp: "+ ROUND ((temp-273.15)*9/5+32, 1)+" F". //set label:text to "Outside-Temp: "+ ROUND (temp-273.15, 1)+" C Outside-Temp: "+ ROUND ((temp-273.15)*9/5+32, 1)+" F". WAIT (1). } gui:HIDE(). Made by: pmborg 3- At VAB in your command module part: select boot file: temp.ks And that's it... Enjoy!
  11. Only today for me appeared with this new version, maybe yesterday the latest version was not there yet on CKAN. With this latest version (1:0.3.1) the reported problem, is in fact solved and FPS finally appears , there is a difference to 1:0.2.4 that FPS was shown also on the loading screen, I will upload a video, but I will assume that feature was done on purpose, to hide FPS on loading screen: Many Thanks!
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