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  1. Hello, I am just doing the RO specs for this mod, but for sure @Kartoffelkuchen can reply you on that.
  2. Yes, indeed you are right the default configs are intended to be used in stock and they are not realistic so that's why I am doing and using the SpaceX-RO-Falcons Because it allows the telemetry of KSP and real SpaceX telemetry match with an error of less than 1%.
  3. I never tried but... in theory... this mod: Could do it in any version, when paired with Kopernicus for 1.9, 1.10 or 1.11...
  4. No. 1.10 is 20% faster than 1.9 and 1.11 is 5% faster than 1.10... why stay so behind, just for curiosity?
  5. Yes I would say that you are missing the SpaceX-RO-Falcons If you install it, you will have all realistic values, if you prefer Kerbin instead Earth is just a question of delete kopernicus from Gamedata/kopernicus after the installation described on wiki of (SpaceX-RO-Falcons). It would look like this:
  6. Hello, I would recommend the "real size" version.
  7. Hello! Kerbal Space Center with Katniss.s.Cape.Canaveral looks a little bit even more realistic!
  8. Hello @Nate Richards, Welcome to the forums. I have done that with addon/pack: SpaceX-RO-Falcons as you can check it here: on second=168, the ST-1 rotate without any problem:
  9. Hello, For those that enjoy the SpaceX-RO-Falcons the Realistic Performance and KOS Scripts for kks-spacex-pack mod and there are thousands of views per week in GitHub, so I hope that you are all enjoying! I have done a new video to demonstrate the current development state, I hope you find it helpful:
  10. Hello there is an ISS for KSP1.10/1.11: https://github.com/pmborg/SpaceX-RO-Falcons/tree/main/Ships/VAB/ISS
  11. If you have installed all like in vídeo you should have all models there make sure that are including the stock models The check box on right top of craft load manager
  12. You should replace those for the ones that are on VAB If you can upload your craft i can check tomorrow and replace them in the editor
  13. Hello, You are trying to use the default RO, did you tried already the SpaceX-RO-Falcons? Its a dedicated RO just for this mod: https://github.com/pmborg/SpaceX-RO-Falcons Check here the wiki how to install it: https://github.com/pmborg/SpaceX-RO-Falcons/wiki/HOW-TO-INSTALL PB
  14. Lets go for a walk on the Mun with KSP 1.11+Parallax:
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