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  1. In a matter of minutes got speed: 100,000km/s , I accelerated to much I think
  2. lol only now, discovered that I can run with engines at accelerated time rate: x10000!
  3. Basically the reactor TriAlfa is using Deuterium and I can transport very easially LqdDeuterium which is being converted automatically to Deuterium.
  4. For the main nuclear reactor I am using a beast 16m TriAlfa which generated around 4GW, I have the fuel problem of the reactor solved, delicated tanks for him, and for 216years... of usage.
  5. This ship is "InterStellarShuttle-v5-2-117M", I can do a InterStellarShuttle-v5-3-117M Another thing that I noticed is that I will not need is the 3 nuclear reactors, the next ship revision I will remove the "StarLifter Nuclear Reactor" is very week and not needed after all I think. "InterStellarShuttle-v5-2-117M": partModules = ATGroundAnchor partModules = AtmosphericExtractor partModules = CModuleLinkedMesh partModules = CModuleStrut partModules = ComputerCore partModules = DaedalusEngineController partModules = DeepFreezer partModules = FissionGenerator partModules = FissionReactor partModules = FlagDecal partModules = FlatFNRadiator partModules = FNFissionGeneratorAdapter partModules = FNGeneratorAdapter partModules = FNMassSpectrometer partModules = FNSolarPanelWasteHeatModule partModules = FSengineSounds partModules = FSplanePropellerSpinner partModules = FSswitchEngineThrustTransform partModules = FXModuleLookAtConstraint partModules = FXModuleThrottleEffects partModules = GroundWorkshop partModules = HLEnvelopePartModule partModules = InertialConfinementReactor partModules = IntegratedChargedParticlesPowerGenerator partModules = IntegratedThermalElectricPowerGenerator partModules = InterstellarFuelSwitch partModules = InterstellarMeshSwitch partModules = InterstellarPowerSupply partModules = InterstellarRefineryController partModules = InterstellarResourceConverter partModules = Jettison partModules = KASLinkTargetBase partModules = KopernicusSolarPanel partModules = KspiSuperCapacitator partModules = KSPTextureSwitch partModules = KSPWheelAdjustableDeployment partModules = KSPWheelBase partModules = KSPWheelBrakes partModules = KSPWheelConstraints partModules = KSPWheelDamage partModules = KSPWheelDeployment partModules = KSPWheelSuspension partModules = LifeSupportModule partModules = MechJebCore partModules = MKSModule partModules = ModuleActiveRadiator partModules = ModuleAnalysisResource partModules = ModuleAnimateGeneric partModules = ModuleAnimationGroup partModules = ModuleAsteroidAnalysis partModules = ModuleB9PartInfo partModules = ModuleB9PartSwitch partModules = ModuleB9PropagateCopyEvents partModules = ModuleBiomeScanner partModules = ModuleCargoBay partModules = ModuleColorChanger partModules = ModuleCommand partModules = ModuleConductionMultiplier partModules = ModuleConstructionKit partModules = ModuleCoreHeat partModules = ModuleCoreHeatNoCatchup partModules = ModuleDataTransmitter partModules = ModuleDecouple partModules = ModuleDockingNode partModules = ModuleDragModifier partModules = ModuleElementRadioactiveDecay partModules = ModuleEngines partModules = ModuleEnginesFX partModules = ModuleEnviroSensor partModules = ModuleExperienceManagement partModules = ModuleFuelJettison partModules = ModuleGenerator partModules = ModuleGimbal partModules = ModuleGPS partModules = ModuleJettison partModules = ModuleKerbNetAccess partModules = ModuleKISInventory partModules = ModuleKISItem partModules = ModuleKPBSConverter partModules = ModuleLiftingSurface partModules = ModuleLight partModules = ModuleLogisticsConsumer partModules = ModuleParachute partModules = ModuleProbeControlPoint partModules = ModuleRCS partModules = ModuleReactionWheel partModules = ModuleResourceConverter partModules = ModuleResourceHarvester partModules = ModuleResourceIntake partModules = ModuleResourceScanner partModules = ModuleSAS partModules = ModuleScienceContainer partModules = ModuleScienceConverter partModules = ModuleScienceExperiment partModules = ModuleScienceLab partModules = ModuleSeeThroughObject partModules = ModuleStorageCryostat partModules = ModuleSurfaceFX partModules = ModuleTestSubject partModules = ModuleToggleCrossfeed partModules = ModuleTripLogger partModules = ModuleUpdateOverride partModules = ModuleWeightDistributor partModules = RadioactiveStorageContainer partModules = RetractableLadder partModules = SCANexperiment partModules = SCANresourceDisplay partModules = SCANsat partModules = SolarWindCollector partModules = TacGenericConverter partModules = ThermalPowerTransport partModules = TweakScale partModules = USILS_HabitationSwapOption partModules = USILS_LifeSupportRecyclerSwapOption partModules = USI_Converter partModules = USI_ConverterSwapOption partModules = USI_InertialDampener partModules = USI_ModuleRecycleablePart partModules = USI_ModuleResourceWarehouse partModules = USI_SwapController partModules = USI_SwappableBay partModules = WBIExperimentLab partModules = WBIModuleScienceExperiment partModules = WBIPartScrapper partNames = B9.Engine.T2A.SRBS partNames = B9.Structure.HX1.SAS partNames = BussardEngine2 partNames = BussardScoop partNames = cargo-5-2 partNames = computerCore partNames = CRY-2300Freezer partNames = DIYKit partNames = Fert.Tank.375 partNames = FTT.DuctedFan.Lg partNames = FTT.Reactor.500.01 partNames = gasspectrometer-01 partNames = HL.AirshipEnvelope.Cirrus partNames = HL.AirshipEnvelope.Ray partNames = ifsBigSphereTank partNames = InlineGroundWorkshop partNames = InterstellarSphereTank partNames = KAS.JS1 partNames = KF-LegFolding partNames = KKAOSS.LS.container.airfilter partNames = KKAOSS.LS.container.algae partNames = KKAOSS.LS.container.carbon.extractor partNames = KKAOSS.LS.container.greenhouse partNames = KKAOSS.LS.container.sabatier partNames = KKAOSS.Storage.size2.m partNames = KSPI.ISRU.Refrigerator partNames = kspieMagneticScoop partNames = KspiTriAlphaFusionReactor partNames = KWFuelAdapter2x1S partNames = Large.Crewed.Lab partNames = LargeFlatRadiator2 partNames = LH.IcarusTruss13 partNames = LH.IcarusTruss21 partNames = MuonCatFusionReactor2 partNames = nfs-panel-deploying-blanket-dsg-1 partNames = ntr-gc-25-2 partNames = parachuteRadial partNames = RadialAtmosphericScoop partNames = radialDrogue partNames = RSBdecouplerDelta3payload partNames = RSBdecouplerDeltaIV4mPayload partNames = RSBdecouplerDeltaIV5mPayload partNames = RSBfinSaturnSIwhiteS partNames = rtg-0625 partNames = SCANsat.Scanner24 partNames = ScoutLanderMk2 partNames = sensorAtmosphere partNames = sensorBarometer partNames = sensorThermometer partNames = sepMotor1 partNames = spotLight1 partNames = sspx-cupola-125-1 partNames = sspx-greenhouse-25-1 partNames = sspx-greenhouse-375-1 partNames = sspx-hub-25-1 partNames = strutConnector partNames = strutCube partNames = SurfaceScanner partNames = SYbay3m2m partNames = SYdecoupler5m partNames = SYserviceBay5m partNames = TacCarbonExtractorLarge375 partNames = TacLifeSupportContainer partNames = TacLifeSupportContainerLarge375 partNames = TacWaterPurifierLarge375 partNames = telescopicLadderBay partNames = USILS.Greenhouse.Inline
  6. Those will be used just by the lander module to do the de-orbit, passing from orbit of the target planet to sub re-entry orbit, are old but do the job of re-entry. The requisites are light and spend light fuel and at the same time powerful enough, what do you recommend? Current snapshot:
  7. All documentated in videos so far... at this point... seams that I am going almost at infinite fuel consumption
  8. Ok confirmed that is more than enough for all trip, uff... so solved all problems until now InterStellarShuttle-v5.1 Finally Ready! (We can call this InterStellar Stage-1) Going for a full test:
  9. Hello again, After solving literally 96 problems, until now... Hit now the problem that you were talking about (@FreeThinker), lack of deuterium, now I know that I am consuming about 26k per 4h this is almost insane... I am trying to understand how can I create/produce by other fuel like depleted fuel or something... and at the same time trying to understand what are the best tanks for deuterium. maybe these 4 tanks will be the necessary with a total 6,912,000 lqdDeuterium, need to recalc / test again...
  10. Hello back, D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData>findstr /S /I "SY-P3X2" *.cfg SpaceY-Lifters\Parts\CargoBays\SYbay3m2m.cfg:title = SY-P3X2 3.75m to 2.5m Conical Payload Bay Belongs to SpaceY-Lifters, here opened: Cheers!
  11. "magnetic scoop to double your deltaV (for the high speed trip)" Thanks for the remind I need to redesign the ship a bit to put again the magnetic scoop "Well make sure it has enough fuel to last the trip. NOte it cannot run on hydrogen, but it does on DEuterium and any other fusion fuel" Normally there is a rate of "part description" of what is spend but I don't have any numeric value to calculate this, please note that probably 17 years is ok with the fuel already inside the scaled reactor... Trying Radial Spherical Tanks... but something is wrong to maintain the basic stability, even with empty tanks.
  12. Like I was imaging mixing 2xDeadlus (5 stages) and 1xBussard M251(10 stages) it's possible to reach 272M delta-V but the cost of the ship will increase dramatically. For a payload 2tones + 1 crew: Ship version 170M delta-v 392,241,086,486 cost Ship version 251M delta-v 11,361,890,304 cost Ship version 272M delta-v 2,936,308,498,432 cost For a payload 289tones + 50/62 Crew: Ship version 164M delta-v 5,288,795,136 cost ( This is the most realistic version so far, I think. ) Speed of light: 54.867% 164,600 km/s Speed of light: 56.667% 170,000 km/s Speed of light: 83.867% 251,600 km/s Speed of light: 90.867% 272,600 km/s @FreeThinker, The reactor fuel usage, I am using the "Tri Aplha Colling Beam Fusion" no fuel usage observed at least.
  13. ( Still not counting with Reactor fuel usage, yet ) For Ship 251M: For Ship 170M: The time to travel to Alfa Centauri is about the same, I prefer the cheaper and lighter ship then the 170M
  14. "Do notice you stil need to acclerate up, which means maximizing deltaV might not the only variable to take into account. " Yes true, I am still doing the Math to reach to best point of equilibrium point, until now I was kinda limiting my self to a min. TWR of 0.15 but tried to put away that limitation and check what is possible to get. I am still convict that is possible to reach the speed of light with these engines, I have the mental image of what is needed just need to model the idea. "Do notice that the reactor also needs fuel (which is not taken into account by Kerbal engener), but this should be less then 1% of total. Justtake that into account" I will check this thanks!
  15. Trying now do the math to check which version of these two ships arrive faster to alfa centauri, the "slow acceleration" (faster terminal speed 251M/2) or that "fast acceleration" (slower terminal speed 170M/2)?
  16. I found that a par of radial tanks in theory can be just one tank in serial tank. so I still cant find a way to make it a valid choice. Applying this to 1 engine in a 10 tank stages, the ship can go now at 251M delta-V, 10 stages (83.867% speed of light )!
  17. lol that break my record for now... but not with radial yet, only in serial: 191M delta-V, 6 stages (63.867% light speed)! I think I found a way to make it work... trying it
  18. ok, found the solution playing with priorities, that way Kerbal Engineer Redux is able to do the math.
  19. About the radial tank the problem start with the delta-V calculation. Ofc delta-v can always be calculated by "hand", can you use Kerbal Engineer Redux for that?
  20. Disadvantage: Maybe its just me but, I don't like the idea of have a Radiator, irradiating heat towards engine and towards fuel tanks. The drag of the "empty" (not empty space) at speed about 56% speed of light or even half of that, but in this case, but once the speed is quadratic will be very high or they can break? can we risk that? I use this to calculate the drag in atmosphere, for a launch using KOS to control the drag and the respective power: set Cd to .20075*.008. set p0 to 1.223125. set e to 2.71828. set H to altitude/(-10000). set p to p0*(e^H). set r to altitude+BODY("Kerbin"):radius. //600000. set g to GM/(r^2). set Qmax to g/Cd. set Vs2 to (Vsx^2)+(Vsy^2)+(Vsz^2). set q to .5*p*(vs2). In Vacuum of space should be: q = 1/2 * p * 170 792 458 * 170 792 458 (for my record delta-V) Fd (drag force) = q * Cd * A The question is what is the "p" in vacuum of space, between: 0.3×10^-27 kg to 1.67×10^−25 Cd=0.84 in that shape Trying again that idea of radial tanks.
  21. I tried already but somehow struggling to make it really working fine, but in theory would give even much more delta-V for sure, I need to come back to that idea. BTW: about those radiators, please note that you will be always with a star at your back or with a star in front of you, that is a bad position for the radiators that should not be 90deg. with the star.
  22. Payload 290tones 163M delta-V, crew 50/62. Payload 2tones 170M delta-V, crew 1. Actually with this new engines I could redesign the InterStellar Ship to something that now make much more sense, but the engine nozzle seems that is scaling somehow odd: Ship name: "Daedalus_and_Bussard-v4-163.5M":