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  1. Thanks for the reply ! Yes, I think I'm going to give it a try, maybe in .... not so much time I hope. But I have long before having enough time to try. That's possible FAR found something broken. In the save file, I've found two interesting things : => some module of that vessel have two times the "EVENTS{}ACTIONS{}UPGRADESAPPLIED{}" part. => some parts (a rockomax tank, an antennae, a service bay, two docking ports among others) seems to be their own parents, so it might make multiple root node for that craft, no ?
  2. Hello ! First, thanks for this mod, and updates I do have a problem, I've just updated my game to 1.9, and I ran into an issue, which seems related to FAR... However I have many mod installed, so not that sure. (In log, it seems to point to FAR.) The bug : When I'm loading a vessel, I have a black screen. When I pause and the unpause the game, I can see as if my vessel was in orbit, but instead I just can merely see some part passing by and disappearing in the sun. I can go to the map view, which is not changed, and come back to normal view, which is unchanged. In the logfile there is a NullReferenceException, and it seems that my vessel is not properly loaded... I tested other vessels, they were totally functionnal, I don't know what is the difference between them... Some help would be welcome, and helpfull. Here is a part of the KSP.log file (rather long, even after cutting the beginning), I'm not sure it's enough, so just tell me if you need anything else, I can reproduce. (If you need the vessel, or anything else, just ask.) Thanks by advance !
  3. I don't expect any of them to be, just telling modders which parts are criticals. Just trying to help. But I'm sure I need to wait for some mod to be updated, with some still being 1.7
  4. Hello ! So, KSP 1.9 is out !! But unfortunately "Vessel xx wasn't loaded because it had the following part missing : reserveBatteryPack". Good luck (Gonna search in KSP.log if I can find anything, but could take a bit of time, or I could not find anything...) turn out I found them pretty fast :
  5. Yes, depends on what mod you tried before ? Try some Kerbal Construction Time, Colonies building mod, life supoprt mods, or planet pack as @Geonovast suggested.
  6. I think that you might be in the wrong topic, like there is tech support for example. And I can't really help you, but I think that people will at least need that joystick you have, which os you are running on, and which KSP version. And probably a better description. Like when you said can't connect, did you try to bind your joystick's axis in the settings (start-up menu) ?
  7. I think it doesn't much have to do with a new career, what The Aziz is trying to explain is that when not playing for 2/3/more days, it's difficult to get back to game. You have let's say 2 hours, but you spend let's says half an hour trying to figure out what was going on. It's quite frustrating, I admit. For that some would say to use a spreadsheet, but then you have to spend time to maintain it... I feel a bit what you are saying, even if I'm usually able to play 2 to 10 hours (when other things slow down) a week...
  8. If this is a real videos, it means the single parent will still be a thing (look at the first and last launches). Or it is just a bad rocket design....
  9. Yep, I was a bit surprised when I saw navUtilities' config files, they also got those .4 deviation. To be honest I didn't really calculate this deviation.... And I don't have mechjeb
  10. Thanks for the clarification I already knew a bit about ILS, but not that much ^^ If someone interested, you can add this file in your GameData folder to add dessert airfiled runway to the ILS system of NavUtilities. (In a file named xxx.cfg) //Dessert airfield runway heading 360 NavUtilRunway { ident = DAF 36 shortID = DA39 hdg = 000.4 identOfOpposite = DAF 18 body = Kerbin altMSL = 822 gsLatitude = -6.5825 gsLongitude = 215.9594444 locLatitude = -6.4666667 locLongitude = 215.9611111 outerMarkerDist = 10000 middleMarkerDist = 2000 innerMarkerDist = 325 } //Dessert airfield runway heading 180 NavUtilRunway { ident = DAF 18 shortID = DA18 hdg = 180.4 identOfOpposite = DAF 36 body = Kerbin altMSL = 822 gsLatitude = -6.4666667 gsLongitude = 215.9611111 locLatitude = -6.5825 locLongitude = 215.9594444 outerMarkerDist = 10000 middleMarkerDist = 2000 innerMarkerDist = 325 }
  11. Hi, I want to add Dessert Arifield into navutilities. I figured out that runway are added into navutilitues via cfg files. fine. I then decided to read the cfg file, and I got one issue : the coordinate. In the cfg file, for example runway "KSC 09", I got gsLatitude and locLatitude, which might be for glideslope and localizer. They are a bit different, but why not. However, I'm trying to match it with the runway coordinate ingame, and got this problem : the latitude is quite the same : 0.04877658 in cfg, 0°2'56" ingame, which is 0.0488888888, so it's kinda the same The longitude is a bit more problematic : in cfg i got 285.29973537 , but ingame it's something like 74° 42'0 which is : 74,71555556 . So... why is that ?
  12. Thanks for answering ^^ And... That's not what I want. I want that, when I've set an alarm, it also diplays something on the vessel path to show where the alarm fire. For example, I can set an alarm to a target object, let's say kerbin's atmosphere. By default, this alarm fire 3 minutes (or 1, I don't remember) before reaching 100km. Fine to me. Is there a way to display where, on the vessel path, the alarm fire ? Thanks anyway for your time
  13. Hi there ! I got a new X52 pro, and got same issue : I can make a preset, axis and buttons work in calibration, and only buttons in flight. And as soon as I exit, no more preset configuration. (KSP 1.8.1, latest AFBW and dependencies, via CKAN.) Did someone tried an older version of AFBW ? It seems reverting the game is not a solution, so maybe AFBW ?
  14. That just display the manoeuver node, node the point where the alarm will fire. For example for an alarm for target distance, (to body, kerbin, at 100km), it place an alarm a bit before, but I want to see it on the path.
  15. Hi everyone, Is there a way to show alarm point on vessel path ? (for vessel-specific alarms) I've searched a bit through the settings, and looked at the documentation, but can't find anything.. Or do I have to submit a change request ? safe flight to you all
  16. Hi there ! I'm not using life support, I'm afraid to be a bit paralyzed, like I don't know how much time my mission will take, so.... can't really plan life support. I agree it's less realistic. On the other hand, I use time warp for very short warp, when needed. Like 10mn between two manoeuver nodes (on different craft), or something like that. I sometimes warp to three hours, or a bit more, when there is nothing to do, all kerbals are already busy, and I've not plannet any probe launch. (I won't wait for things to happens, you know, I'm here to enjoy this game). So yeah, maybe adding time as resource. But for life support, I'm afraid not everyone agree on this one, for me the fun part of the game is the technical and planning challenge, for sure, but if you add too much constraint (and "too much" is very user-dependant) it makes the game not fun at all. So, to be balanced carefully I think. It however can be a setting. Anyway, if it is included in the base game, I'll give it a shot. And mod are there for this purpose too : change game experience depending on what the user want. For some gamer, time as a resource can also be too much constraint, imagine they are there just to do some stuff, but not "serious". Or just to try some things, like interplanetary, or interstellar travel in a sandbox mode. (even if for sandbox, money/science are not considered are resource, so it might not be a problem...)
  17. Ok, I'll give a try to madlad next week. by killing the program, you mean alt-f4 / task manager ?
  18. @linuxgurugamer It did it again.... oO Here's the ling to log files. KSP.log Player.log This times KSP.log doesn't end with "PartCommander [...]", but loading screen displays "PartCommanderContinued/textures/popout_off", so I guess same issue, but... I don't know.
  19. Ok, so here it is : Part commander continued Toolbar controller ClickThrough Blocker Which are the latest one I see in github Theses are installed via CKAN Aaand can't provide files, because this time it worke (started, and in-game). If it do it again, I'll tell you. All that I can think of is uninstall-reinstall a 3, maybe 4 times... Anyway, thanks for your time
  20. Ok, I don't know where to upload my log files, but I can search through forum to see that. And you need player.log and output_log.txt ? I'l do that when I'll be back home (pretty soon) Yes, ksp 1.8.1 Installed via CKAN I'll give version number (of all, included dependencies, I think they are in player.log, right ?) when back home. Should I post those by creating a new thread in https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/forum/70-technical-support-pc-modded-installs/ ? And thanks for your time
  21. Hi all ! I have a problem with this mod : The game don't load at startup... It's up to date (according to ckan at least, but I'm not at home, so I can't remember exactly the version), and I've tried to uninstall parrt commander, and it worked just fine. I've had this issue since at least 2 weeks, but was waiting for an update, and not a must have mod, though is very interesting. So anyway, here's the few line of log I've copied from the log file inside KSP directory : [LOG 00:01:21.665] Load(Texture): PartCommanderContinued/textures/aero_off [LOG 00:01:21.666] Load(Texture): PartCommanderContinued/textures/aero_on [LOG 00:01:21.667] Load(Texture): PartCommanderContinued/textures/az_off [LOG 00:01:21.668] Load(Texture): PartCommanderContinued/textures/az_on [LOG 00:01:21.669] Load(Texture): PartCommanderContinued/textures/blizzyToolbar [LOG 00:01:21.669] Load(Texture): PartCommanderContinued/textures/close_off [WRN 00:01:21.670] Texture resolution is not valid for compression: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\PartCommanderContinued\textures\close_off.png' - consider changing the image's width and height to enable compression [LOG 00:01:21.670] Load(Texture): PartCommanderContinued/textures/close_on [WRN 00:01:21.671] Texture resolution is not valid for compression: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\PartCommanderContinued\textures\close_on.png' - consider changing the image's width and height to enable compression [LOG 00:01:21.671] Load(Texture): PartCommanderContinued/textures/filter_off [LOG 00:01:21.672] Load(Texture): PartCommanderContinued/textures/filter_on [LOG 00:01:21.673] Load(Texture): PartCommanderContinued/textures/left_off [LOG 00:01:21.674] Load(Texture): PartCommanderContinued/textures/left_on [LOG 00:01:21.675] Load(Texture): PartCommanderContinued/textures/popout_off [LOG 00:01:21.676] Load(Texture): PartCommanderContinued/textures/popout_off OUT OF DATE [LOG 00:01:21.676] Load(Texture): PartCommanderContinued/textures/popout_off I don't know what is "popout_off", but it seems I have an issue with this.... Does anyone know what I can do about that ? If you need some others things, just tells me (like player.log, or whatever.)
  22. @linuxgurugamer Done : https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/CrewRandR/issues/12 Thanks