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  1. Ok, thanks for the clarification ! I suppose that if I have no proposed type 3 mission it'sbecause I didn't validated some requirement ? That's awesome
  2. Hi @Caerfinon ! Thanks for keeping working on this mod, and improving it ! I just ran into an issue with the latest update : It just removed all the 'prime' contract from the contract panels. I can't find them anymore... The one I had just got deleted (and failed), and the 'prime' category is missing, and no other contract are like thoses (transport 50-80 passengers to ...). I reinstalled the previous version (v2.1.0), and it works just fine... Let me know if I can help with providing anything !
  3. Hello everyone ! I have an issue today : How can I link the "main throttle" axis group that is shown in editor "action group" tab to my controller's throttle axis ? I do have linked "Throttle" to my axis, but if I link something to "main throttle" axis group in editor, it does not change the value with my controller, but it does with default keys on keyboard.... Does anyone have / had this issue ? And does anyone knows how to do this ? Have a nice day all
  4. Hi there ! I had the same issue, but not for very long : Select the waypoint to where exactly you should go at the landing place, and be within 500meters (not sure, but until it blinks and tell you "entering ..."). The point here is if you are landed anywhere, the part "Land at XX" will be validated, even if on the other side of kerbin.... So you should be close enough to the waypoint. I don't know if it is there without Waypoint manager though. Good luck !
  5. Thanks for the help, that was almost it : @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleColorChanger]] { @MODULE[ModuleColorChanger] { -defaultActionGroup = dummy } } I did not thought about vanilla MM syntax, I'm not (yet?) very familiar with it ^^ Thanks for the kink, I'm keeping it ! Have a nice day
  6. Hello @Snark ! Why do I discover this mod only now ? I don't really know.... I'm trying to tweak it a bit to my uses, and so far I did everything I wanted, but one : cockpit light only on Custom02. Use case (for me) : I fly planes, and for them I use light for landings legs light (as for landing light). But I keep the cockpit on (or off when lazzy ^^) for all the flight.... For me it make more sense to have landing leg's light on "Light" action group, and cockpit light on Custom02 (for example). Adding it to custom02 is not difficult, it's done. But.... how can I remove the ToggleAction of ModuleColorChanger from Light ? Thanks for developing this mod for so many years, so I can have it now ! (and for all the overall work ^^)
  7. Hello ! I know that this mod is not maintained, but I have not found any other mod to do what this one does.... I mean, I know MAS is under development, but at the moment, it is no redooing all stock part iva's... Does any one know a mod up to date that is doing this ? And another question : I have an issue with (at least) the MK1 cockpit HUD : I can't see the text all around, as it is very dark... I don't know how I can change this color, can anyone help me ? Would be much appreciated ! Thanks everyone, and happy lithobraking
  8. Hello everyone ! My game is now crashing when I try to switch to a vessel.... I did not opened my PC in two weeks, and when I went back to it, I installed mod updates. But then unfortunately my game crash at the vessel loading. I thought reverting mod update one by one could solve this issue, but unfortunately, it did not. So I have no more idea on why it is crashing, can someone help ? Here the Player.log file Game version is 1.9.1 (I have many mods, so I'm not sure that updating is a good option... I don't want to break my save file). mod updated : from version -> to version FMRS : -> ScrapYard : -> Science Alert realerted 1: .9.9.2 -> Precise Node : -> ZeroMiniAVC : -> Thanks all for your time spent to make this game better than it already is (by helping players, making mods, etc...). Any help is much appreciated !
  9. Thanks !! At the moment I'm good, I'll just play for 24 more days ingame, and I'll rerun all that with the real orbit (time adjusting), to fine tune it. Should be good Your help and tools are very much appreciated !
  10. Hi there ! I have a bad time setting the profile, all of that to it being reseted to default conf often. Does anyone knows why, or have the same "bug" ? I don't really know how to reproduce it, I would say that restarting the game is anough to make it reset, but I'm not very sure...
  11. Yep, seems a lot better. 2 => I thought those constraints was like : "position continuity between those events" like "make event x and y have the same position". So I want to understand : what is the point of the scale factor ? 3 => To make the display with nive curve and not just straight line, all fixes you said was enough ? Or was there another thing to tweak ? 4 => The optimizer is the "optimize mission" in the optimisation menu ? Or I missed something ?
  12. Just saw that --' I'm afraid this is not the only thing to fix.... Still far away from eve, look a lot more like duna to me... But just by tweaking time (adding something like 12mns to the maneauver node), I get an encounter of eve. So I get it to work ? Maybe ? In the orbit display, it's a lot like it jump from one segment to another, with not the same position between all segment, like in the end of the second segment, the ship is close to kerbin orbit, in the third, from beginning to end it is close to eve, while in the fourth it does travel from kerbin to Eve. So did I set patch point right ? Or did I messed up something ? Still this link, if you want to look at this : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-z_PtvkVjMEjlSYP-XcsQ3tbenDArjKz/view?usp=sharing
  13. Hi @Arrowstar ! I'm pretty sure you missed me, right ? Everything seems to be fine, there is juste one thing : my final arrival time (back to kerbin from eve flyby) is at UT 3600. Which is before the script initial time (about 12 000 000secs). So I was wondereing how it would be possible ? I would like to see the UT at every event, is this possible ? Here is the link to the updated file, if you want to see it : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-z_PtvkVjMEjlSYP-XcsQ3tbenDArjKz/view?usp=sharing Thanks for all the help Have nice missions ! EDIT : It seems that It is not doable like that : when I try to put the first manoeuver node, I got an orbit far from Eve... pic : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B2VX2wQNy8bzzXrqBnTOiCGGBx3JQ1Fm/view?usp=sharing
  14. @Arrowstar Ok, seen backward and forward propagation options. I also changed the force model to 2 body model for propagation, at same event as in your exemple. The graphics does not show curves but straight lines for some events now, even if the point move along a curve ^^ looks like I've got something, but still no sure of that. I don't know how to check... I think I got something, worth a shot I think. Will be in July unfortunately.... If you have any more things to check they are welcome. Thanks a lot for your help, your tools, your time, all of 'em !
  15. @Arrowstar Thanks so much for your replies ! It work much more smoothly, yes ! A few questions (again, I know)... If I adjust the time of initial state, it's not really my orbit, right ? It shouldn't make a hugr difference, but I imagine recompute datas when I'll close to departure date won't hurt ? If on event 7 C3 is positive, it means it has enough energy to leave kerbin soi, no ? Or is it evaluated at start of event i.e before decceleration burn, so it's the hyperbolic inbound trajectory ? In this case, how do I force him to compute the decceleration burn to leave my vessel in orbit, an not in escape trajectory ? How do I know if propagation went backward or forward ? I don't really know which event are supposed to propagate in which direction. I understood that there is the "initial state" (here, kerbin escape trajectory), the "flyby peri state" (here, eve periapsis), the "final state" (here, back to kerbin orbit). in between , we propagate each state backward and forward to meet up somewhere and adjust course. But which event refers to what ? The minus event are backwards and + forwards ? And last question (of the post...) : how do I know that I really end up in eve orbit ? It's nowhere in the end, as the right panel always says "sun orbit- mission segment x/y Events i-j" ? Thanks again for helping me understanding all this. The file link is still the same, file up-to-date with your corrections (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-z_PtvkVjMEjlSYP-XcsQ3tbenDArjKz/view?usp=sharing)
  16. 1 mn upload for that size, it's a bit too long Should be better : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-z_PtvkVjMEjlSYP-XcsQ3tbenDArjKz/view?usp=sharing
  17. I figured it out : Needed to save before changing back to universal elements... My bad. Thanks for all those clarification. I do still have some problems, but I can't figure it out. One of these is that script propagation take much more time for my file than yours... I don't really know why. (It also says it reached min alt of -1 km at some point. Which is kinda bad, this rapid disasembly wasn't planned....) If you have enough time to see it : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tW8LTinOQDId5veJSwVFXQPl7D1PbI5u/view?usp=sharing With data from MFMS :
  18. I think I'm on the way, I just can't have the set kinematic state right : MFMS give me the hyperbolic in/out orbit. Which is quite comprehensible, as I only fly by the planet. But when I enter those into LVD kinematic state and convert to universal elements... well, I got back default values. And I can't seem to find those universal elements on wiki... I do have found this, which are the keplerian elements you do have, but nothing on "universal elements", or any system that matches the C3 and other parameters... I might be really tired, but I can't see it right now. Any help on this ? And thank for akk of this
  19. Ok, I think it'll help, I'll look back to it when I'll be with my computer again ^^ (at least I do understand better the logic :)) Probably 2 weeks, I hope not more.... Anyway, thanks for your commitment @Arrowstar
  20. Hello, So no one knows ? Or is everyone busy ? My main question is to know how I make LVD tweak my treajectories to really flyby Eve, and not just close to its orbit as its the case with MFMS values I entered in LVD ?
  21. @Arrowstar (And all that wanna help ^^) Hi ! I'm looking at your example ("lvdExample_ToEelooViaJool_BackPropExample.mat"), and trying to reproduce it on a flyby Eve mission (kerbin => Eve => Kerbin). First, I'm trying to figure out all these differents steps : In orbit around kerbin, with specified initial state. (round orbit at 400km of sea, because SMA 1000km, with almost null eccentricity). First event, coast to departure burn. Just wait the specified amount of time. And an action at the end : the burn itself Second event, coast to Jool +. waiting time, probably until peri of Jool And after that, Jool flyby peri state -, coast to jool -, and Jool flyby peri state + I don't really understand what those event are doing. As far as I understand, the "state -" set the aerobraking parameters, then the "coast -" is the time in atmosphere, and "state +" is the state when the ship is just out of atmosphere. Is that correct ? I can see that your event are very-well timed, how can it be done ? MFMS give me numbers, but they don't exactly fit. For example, If I don't make a coast event to almost what is given by MFMS, then a coast event to true anomaly given by MFMS, and only a coast event to the time given, I would end up in a bigger orbit than kerbin, so not really close to Eve. So I don't really know what I have to tweak ? I see that there is a mission objective : the total vessel mass. What is that ? Why can't it be "fly by Eve" ? How could I make the LVD tweak the burn to flyby eve and come back to kerbin ?
  22. Right, I was suspecting that for the second point. I'm gonna look into it, probably next week, I suppose it is possible to start already in orbit, by using current vessel orbit in initial state ? Thanks for the reply, much appreciated
  23. Hi everyone ! I got two questions : First : Is there a tutorial for the LVD ? And second : How can I get a path into Eve SOI with Mission Architect ? I used MFMS to design burns, and then I would use MA to get it more precisely, but it doesn't who me the path into Eve SOI, and I don't know if I have to tweak something, or tell MA to take me into Eve SOI, or... something else ? Thanks for all the investment @Arrowstar !!
  24. @Fulcrum For me AFBW still work with SAS on. However I do not use Analog Control Continued, So I don't know if both mod can work together.
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