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  1. KSP: 1.7.3 + latest versions of both DLCs, Windows 10 x64 Bit Problem: Not responding after load for several minutes Mods Installed: None System Specs: i5-4460 @ 3.20ghz 8 Gb of Ram GTX960 card with 2gb of Vram Hey, so I got back into KSP after some months recently and was playing perfectly fine before Breaking Ground released on a fairly modded install. However since the DLC came out my loading times have shot up because KSP stops responding 3-4 times before the main menu screen. Firstly just after loading all files Then when it transitions to black loading screen with icon in the lower right corner Then finally just as the menu writing appears On a clean install of KSP + two DLCs this not responding phase can't take twice as long as the actual loading of the game and it locks up my whole computer. I’ve searched every thread I could find for fixes and tried them all, DirectX versions, OpenGL, Hamachi issues, firewall settings etc all to no avail and my game is not installed in Program files, AntiVirus is off, unused network adapters disabled. The only thing I can assume is that my memory is running out? But I have 8gbs of Ram and 2gb of Vram (lacking there a bit I know) but the game runs perfectly fine once loaded and this is happening on just KSP + Making History + Breaking Ground and only starts to happen dramatically when I add Breaking Ground to KSP + Making History. Can someone who can make sense of the output_log help me out and see if anything is off? The only thing I can suspect is that ‘decompressing texture’ warning may be causing it? Any help would be much appreciated. Output_Log link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4abn8nyqb3awv02/output_log.txt?dl=0