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  1. Here's the log from when I did it recently. I'm thinking the issue is TU. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1j76n_r-HhxJ8eeh_Vj9G5OYlYKk41TVJ/view?usp=sharing
  2. Whenever I right click on a part I've placed from sstu, the detail screen opens up but I can close it. I'm using 1.6.1
  3. No, I mean it literally fills up on the launch pad. The boosters will be at, say 80% full when I bring it to the pad to launch. In less than a minute, the boosters will be full. I'm thinking the problem might be the stock launch clamps, but I'd like it if you investigated it. Edit: Nevermind. Figured out the problem was that on the launch clamps I had the fuel pump on.
  4. I have an issue where the Common Core Boosters on my Delta IV Heavy continuously fill up on the launch pad. What should I do? Also are there any consideration to making fairing textures for the Atlas V and Delta series fairings?
  5. Hey are there any plans to make the plume more realistic? Like how the plasma trail is seen in many reentry videos?
  6. Is there any consideration towards giving the Orion capsule a black or shiny texture like it does in reality?
  7. Hey are there any plans for making the BFR/Starship have a stainless steel texture any time soon?
  8. Is there any way to use the Soyuz fairings to act as a launch escape system (like Soyuz MS-10)?
  9. When do you think these new textures will be available?