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  1. Is there any version of this mod that works with 1.7.3? Is it in anyway backwards compatible?
  2. Will there be any update to the fairing textures, such as logos or the black/silver cap seen on many launches?
  3. So is it module manager that I need to replace? I've deleted all the other versions I accidentally left on and only had the compatible one (4.03 or something like that) and the mod still didn't load right. Aren't the compatible dependencies in the SSTU download? If not, what are they since I must be doing something wrong. I've been thinking about upgrading, but I am still in the middle of some missions in my saves so I'll do that later.
  4. Here is the .log of my most recent session, I linked one earlier up in the thread. I'm thinking it's some dependency but I can't figure out which one.
  5. Can anyone help? Here's a screenshot of what I'm dealing with: https://imgur.com/9jrwc7P
  6. Hello I've been having an issue where all the engines and the modular tanks of this mod are gray, untextured, and sometimes invisible. For the engines, some of the mounts are visible but grey, and the engines themselves are invisible. I've been looking through the log but can't really find the issue. Can anyone help? Here is the .log https://drive.google.com/file/d/1j76n_r-HhxJ8eeh_Vj9G5OYlYKk41TVJ/view?usp=sharing
  7. Could somone make RO configs for the Crew Dragon?
  8. Could someone make a RO config for this? I'd love to use this in my RO save! Great mod by the way!
  9. I have heard that Nasa is considering to have a Rendezvous and Proximity Operations Demo (RPOD) take place during Artemis II. In this Nasaspaceflight article, they say that the Orion could rendezous with a SpaceX Dragon XL, but I wonder how this could work since the mission uses a free-return trajectory. Would SpaceX launch the Dragon XL into lunar orbit and then rendezvous by entering the same trajectory? Would Orion and Dragon XL be launched at the same time? I'm not sure how this could work. Also, this Nasa doc from the HEO meetings says that this could be accomplished with the ICPS, which would probably make more sense. Nasaspaceflight article: https://www.nasaspaceflight.com/2020/05/heo-tdrs-replacement-improved-artemis-testing/ NASA HEO meeting doc: https://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/atoms/files/20200513-nac-heoc-aes-v3.pdf
  10. Do you plan on making a Raptor engine in the future?
  11. Any update on the possibility of adding a Raptor and BE-4 engine to this mod?