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  1. Will support for the Breaking Ground parts be added in the future? The robotic parts as well as the surface experiments are "Non-RO" and they don't work correctly. Also great work with this mod!
  2. I have an issue where everytime I try to launch the Atlas V 551, it tips over. Mechjeb can't fly it, and the weirdest part is that I used to launch it without any issues. Is there any good ways to launch it? Also, are there any plans on updating this mod (Atlas pack)?
  3. Now that the beta version has been out for a while, is there any rough date (or month) that you think you'll release the full version?
  4. Is there any way I could modify the Orion Command Module config so that it can survive reentry in RO?
  5. I know it's pretty early, but is there any plans of making the new Starship RSS/RO-compatable? Like having a little patch for those who want it in RO?
  6. Hey don't rush it. I (and probably everyone else) would much rather wait for a polished, working product than a rushed, inoperable mess. Keep up the good work!
  7. As of now, what are the new features coming in the next update and is there any sort of release date in mind?
  8. In the spirit of the new Starship, I've been developing over the past few weeks my version of the new iteration with this mod and some others. I took the existing starship parts and B9 Procedural Wings, as well as some other mods for cameras and landing legs, to make it work in RSS/RO. It works surprissingly well, even reenters (mostly) intact. Take a look! Looking forward to seeing the better mod version of this!
  9. I know I've been asking a lot of questions (I'm really excited about the new Starship) I have 2 more questions: 1: Will the new Raptors have that same (or similar) kind of expansive plume as the Merlin 1 and 9s? 2: Will the new Starship fins/wings have more actuation options than the last version? Will they be able to make small stability adjustments or just extend/retract?
  10. Sounds great! Also, how could I give some of the parts the ability to use Textures Unlimited (if thats possible)? That way we could be able to make our own Stainless-Steel-like Starship as we wait for the next update.
  11. How is the work going for making Boca Chica, and also are there any plans for including SpaceX's landing pads in the mod?