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  1. No patched conics so I had to guesstimade the rendezvous then target when I got close... only for him to be greeted by THIS low-tech monstrosity. No second pod, just a command seat, and a heat shield that's only protecting him by the skin of his teeth, or rather his helmet. (I don't know if you could do this normally, but I have a mod that lets me unlock a set of parts early for super basic airplanes. The command seat was one of them) I was seriously holding my breath during re-entry. I've tried similar setups (with the seat directly attached to the shield as opposed to a cubic strut close to it) in the past and they usually end in a cooked Kerbal, but somehow it managed to survive! I'm willing to bet it's because of the stage I kept bolted on to aid in decelleration. Honestly, it was a really fun and interesting mission, especially since I couldn't just know my closest approach or time to rendezvous. Figured i'd share this fun, albeit brief little occurrence in my career mode with you all!
  2. Is anyone else having issues with their orbits drifting when you have encounters, or targeted vessels moving sporradically and almost being 'repelled' from your craft when you have them as your target? I had it when all I had was BetterTimeWarp and KerbalEngineer installed, in version 1.7.3, however at the given moment I do have extra mods. All I know is that whatever it is makes playing impossible. I have a career mode on halt because Bob and Bill can't dock up with Jeb's service module around Mun, because it keeps slingshotting itself away. Please help!
  3. It may seem small or dumb, but I'd love to have some of the features of Texture Replacer in the stock game. Stuff like: - More suits to pick from (Breaking Ground already gives us an extra suit) - More 'heads'/hair to pick from for both genders. - Maybe even the ability to create our own colored suits or even more complex changes to the suit textures ingame, or at least a native tool.
  4. So far the best part about the game is how much the stock parts have improved in general it seems. I like that there's actually customizable textures for the parts now. It lets me make my stages look different and lets the same rocket have a unique flare a few extra times if I have to re-use it. I could see myself using the metal texture of the larger tanks for fuel depots, for example, instead of flourescent orange tanks.
  5. Hi, I'm CosmoCat, but you can just call me Cosmo --- I used to be a member of the forums, however that account is linked to older emails and such that I can't exactly remember the information to so here I am on a fresh account! I've been playing the game since maybe .18 (I believe that's how the format used to go for versions), and I'm coming back onto the scene in 1.7.3. I stopped playing the game for maybe a year or so, but out of nowhere recently I've been inspired to start playing it again. I just got the Breaking Ground update, and I'm ready to learn about everything I've missed!
  6. @hazard-ish Forgive me for how I acted earlier; I have a sore spot for those who cheat, and I had no right to take it out on you. Hopefully my words haven't hurt you... I know that they were wrong, and I'm very happy since you came out and told the truth on that Interview, as well as the temporary video you'd uploaded previously. You and @Matt Lowne are two of the reasons I started my own channel, so the fact of everything being chill now just makes me smile; I know it's doubtful you will, but I hope you maybe respond and let me know if all is forgiven. I am just one person, after all. ^^
  7. @hazard-ish I'd suggest that you edit the Fully Stock part of this, and then it's true; we know that it's fake like @Majorjim! above me here said; plus the video posted further up the thread; just admit you made a poor choice, man. We won't judge you for it... we will, however, judge you if you continue to keep up this exposed lie. Edit: Saw the video you uploaded; good on you for telling the truth.
  8. I'm actually doing something alot like this in my 6.4x scaled game; after all, I have no idea what the Delta-V requirements are; I need to be sure before dooming a pilot.
  9. This forum is for Challenges and mission ideas. Imho, this has its own right to be here; for some people, that probe limitation is an issue. Especially when you have "Require Signal for Control" on; trust me, it's not easy for everyone Just sayin', this forum isn't just for challenges, and it feels like alot of people forget that. No offense to anyone here; just a friendly reminder. Actually, I believe you do not need to give a submission, unless the "challenge" is unreasonably hard. Modlist and rules aren't needed, they're wanted; same goes for scoring system. I'm sure he understands just fine, and I'm sure he just wanted to give y'all some good fun for your game. Not everything has to be to the dot and in the normal way.
  10. Oi, is it okay if I just use Ven's stock part revamp? Does that count as Modded? (I ask 'cause I'm uploading the circumnavigation to youtube and would like my parts to look nicer.)
  11. Huh; seems like a really complicated challenge, and yet I have no doubt that it may be a fun one. If I had more free time I'd gladly take part, but I don't so... I guess I'll just wish the rest of you confident forum-goers luck and watch for the initial trickle of entries.
  12. Oh, by the way: Do you think there's any chance we'll get to see your entry? I'm fairly certain that- as per the challenge posting rules- your s'posed to have one, but the mods haven't popped in yet so you may be fine... Just in case, though?
  13. Oooh, this sounds like a challenge. I think I might do this when I get some spare time; is it okay if I do it in a 6.4x scaled solar system? That's my main install. Somewhere between easy and hard/insane modes.