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  1. Hi, I installed this mod with Shigma Dimension, changed scale to 3.7 and I crashed into Amstrong... I was landing at 1.2 m/s and then every part in my ship just exploded part after part What could I make wrong when Installing mods or configurating It? Shigma file : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zwYOXinAH6L21nTs1-cMa2V-eAtfX9n9/view?usp=sharing Foto after crash : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FFyLmpor2m4eB0pf_-I9sCqrL6S24LuJ/view?usp=sharing Shigma from github, beyond home from ckan version 1.8.1
  2. Hi, I'm playing in Jnsq, and want to add real exoplanets, so I would like to reskale it to 3,2 times bigger. How should I do it? Are there any tutorial?
  3. Hi, I'm creating config for RO for Station Parts Expansion Redux, but I have a problem with inflatable modules and rings - it don't have any crew, is it possible to fix it in some way?
  4. Hi I'm now making RO config for Stockalike Station Parts Redux, and I have a question, it have in It's module crew to deploy (you have to have some enginner to deploy it). Is there a way to add some gas nead for deployment (i mean somethings like ignitors in engines)? Thank you for any help
  5. Which mods schoud I install for this last science nodes?
  6. Hi, I use this mod, and it make my game very laggy. When I disable,, show trajectory" game work normalny, I use version 1.8.1, and current version of trajectories
  7. Hi, I would like to use 2 planet packs and GEA (1.7.2) - The World Beyond (max 1.6.1) and Outer Kerbin (1.7.x) and I'm playing in version 1.7.2, which Kopernikus I shoud use?
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