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  1. Xbox 1 Radial Present tried to destroy debris but didn’t help Game freezes/pauses for no reason, very often. I had an update today too that I downloaded and now my game is constantly freezing. I only have 1 other Probe in orbit, a small Sputnik replica. Any suggestions?
  2. What i try to do, and it sounds stupid, but having some extra fuel on the way down isn’t a bad idea, for example if I have a Mun mission, and my Lander still has some fuel, I will renter the atmosphere, and try and burn off a little bit of speed, if I can. Then, I deploy the parachutes. If you can, try to land, on land, since the heat shield could help you. Hope you solve your problem, have a good day.
  3. Thank you both!!!! I will try today to get them closer and dock them. Have a great day!!!!
  4. I have two objects, a main station with no RCS, or engine, and a power plant part with a poodle engine, RCS, and about half a tank of fuel. They are both is a similar orbit but have a similar velocity and seem to stay the same distance away from each other. Any tips to fix this? Thanks and have a great day!!!
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