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  1. Hi, new(ish) player here, been using Kerbinside Remastered for all the additional launch facilities and am absolutely loving it, but I feel as though I like this version of the KSC a bit more than the one in KSR, I saw that you've made a list of "Not (yet) supported" mods including Kerbinside Remastered, so I'll assume you're working on some way to override or replace the KSC in that with this one. If that's the case, great, I'm eagerly awaiting such support, but if not, I suggest thinking about doing something like that. I'm sure there are other people who'd like it (perhaps even posts I haven't seen in this very thread, if that's the case, sorry, don't mean to be redundant), and I know I sure would. Thanks, have a good day.
  2. Oh my, great job! I've seen some videos about the sort of shielding on the engines, and I noticed it in the footage, that looks fantastic!
  3. Ah, good, didn't seem important but I just wanted to make sure, appreciate the help. Have a good day
  4. Hey Cobalt, I've started using this mod today, gotta say, fantastic so far. Anyway, when starting the game I receive this warning from the most recent version of B9PartSwitch Hope that link works okay i'm new to the forum, anyways, not sure exactly what to do about that, thought you'd have a better idea. Thanks, great mod btw