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  1. The biggest thing everyone is missing is that the onion pods are lighter, even with adding in the reaction wheels they lack!
  2. Yes, its not difficult to hold at 90°, just like its not difficult to hold at prograde. The buttons are for precision.
  3. I see your point gargamel, however, I dont think it takes away from the manual flying of a craft more than the prograde/radial/normal/target/maneuver buttons we already have.
  4. Had an idea for a new set of SAS buttons to add to the current set: Flight heading Buttons. Currently you can set your SAS autopilot to prograde, normal, etc., but it would be extremely helpful to be able to align your craft with the compass headings. 90°- (east) 0° - (north) 270° -(west) 180° - (south) While it would have many helpful uses, I currently have the greatest need for it when launching into orbit and want to keep my heading at exactly 90°. The only way to do this currently is to manually keep your marker lined up with the compass. The prograde ma
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