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  1. Is there a list of interstellar systems and planet pack mods that Galaxies Unbound is and isn't compatible with? Not asking for patches, just asking if anyone knows what does or doesn't work with this.
  2. My one dislike about the mod is how zoomed in you are with the Shuttle/Mk3 cockpit, unlike the ASET Mk3 mod from way back in the 1.2.2 days where you had a descent zoom out. Other then that, i love it.
  3. Seahawks vs Steelers, i'm a Steelers fan. Yeah, Disk is maxed out on KSP. Like 100 max, goes down to 95 at best.
  4. FPS.mp4 - Google Drive Sorry it took so long and for crap vid. Took ages to upload and went to Football game.
  5. Is there any other thing i can use to get you the link? Dropbox keeps failing to upload.
  6. I don't know what went wrong, but there's no audio in the captures and quality is crap. Putting the 2 launches into one vid.
  7. Recording done, feel free to check me on my math when i give you the vid link. ( dropbox )
  8. I have the game recording thing that comes with W10. And edit it in WMM so i don't bore you with a 10 minute vid.
  9. It's a crappy A-double-S toshiba. AMD A8-6410 with R5 integrated. 8gb ram (upgraded from 4 )
  10. Including with KSP 1.3.0? I don't want to move on from it since the mods i love won't work on later versions.
  11. Got up to about 4-6 fps, improvement but unmanned is still a bit faster. 20 in game seconds is about 3-4 minutes IRL.
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