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  1. I found a bug regarding the stages LiquidFuel and Oxidizer. When I use any kind of radial engine like RV-1 or Mk-55, the values of LiquidFuelS and LiquidFuelTotS are always 0. When I use a classic engine under the fuel tank it works well.
  2. Thank you man ! I don't plan to do another at the moment. This is really a lot of work ! Maybe later
  3. Hi all. I’m quite proud to show you the controller I have been working on for the last few months. I started it last summer and I had to take a break for lack of time. But I eventually finished this. First of all, I want to thank hugopeeter who helped me a lot! This is when I saw his own KSP controller that I decided to build my own. As you can see, I took inspiration from SpaceX Crew Dragon v2 cockpit. I wanted my controller to have a clean look, like this: I also wanted it to be backlighted so that texts and indicators are visible in the dark. This is another reason it took me so long. It was hard to find a company able to lasercut the parts, for a reasonable price. This is a French company (ID Marquage) who did this. And I must say this looks amazing. The faceplate let light through and there is a black layer on the back. This layer has been laser engraved where light needs to be visible (texts and indicators). So here is the final result: With all lights off: And some close up of different parts: SAS button leds indicate the current state, as for breaks and gears. One joystick controls rotation, the other, translation. This is great for maneuvers like docking where both are used. Antenna and solar panels buttons are set up on actions 10 and 9, the Abort one on the Cancel group. The ledbars indicates ressources level. The LCD screen displays flight parameters depending on the selected mode with the surrounding buttons. The original quote from Chris Hardwick is “No human ever became interesting by not failing.” I found it very appropriate for Kerbals Unfortunately, I didn’t do pictures while assembling it (shame on me ). Here is a video of the controller in use (sorry for the poor quality, the camera didn’t like the backlight): Edit : Here are the Inkscape files for the panel Edit2 : Here is my code
  4. Hi all, I'm currently working on my own KSP controller based on the one from hugopeeters. Here is the drawing I plan to use to lasercut the box. The texts will be cut as well so that led in the box will backlight everything. Do you have any comment before I order it ?
  5. Yep this works fine. Except that if I clic on the RCS ingame button, it turns on of course, but then I can no longer use the arduino button to turn it on/off. And if I clic on it again, it turns off, and then I can use the arduino button again to control it. I can't explain that. EDIT Again : I think I found where it comes from. I guess this is because of the following lines (1081). But I have not idea how to remove them from the compiled plugin. if (KSPSerialPort.VControls.RCS != KSPSerialPort.VControlsOld.RCS) { ActiveVessel.ActionGroups.SetGroup(KSPActionGroup.RCS, KSPSerialPort.VControls.RCS); KSPSerialPort.VControlsOld.RCS = KSPSerialPort.VControls.RCS; //ScreenMessages.PostScreenMessage("RCS: " + KSPSerialPort.VControls.RCS.ToString(), 10f, KSPIOScreenStyle); } EDIT : Made a short video to show you what it does :
  6. Hi, I'm using your code and I'm adapting it to my project. I would like to be able to read some ship systems state, like RCS. And do some action if RCS are ON or OFF. I'm using the following line to check RCS state : if (getMainControls(RCS) == 0) { With the following : byte getMainControls(byte m) { return CPacket.MainControls == (1 << m); } But I'm really not sure of this. It seems to work. Anyway can you confirm this is the correct and best way to read RCS state ? Thanks !