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  1. Ok, I don't know if this is a bug in this mod specifically, haven't tested it out fully yet, but I'm having some pretty major issues with the navball (it just starts spinning wildly when I get near this star system). Also the maneuver nodes seem to break pretty much completely under the same circumstances (I set a node and without any thrust the delta-v meter immediately starts climbing, I had one that doubled in 2 minutes...). This is kinda a bit of a hinderance to gameplay for me as I like using some of the subluminal interstellar engines from KSPIE. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in adv
  2. You had mentioned earlier this being analogous to the RSS mod. Do you know yet how many systems would be in the final galaxies unbound modpack?
  3. Just got it installed, so far doesn't seem to be any issues with TWB.
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