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  1. @StarwasterThat is amazing to hear. You must have a pure heart!
  2. @Lisias I would like to suggest a plugin that disables conflicting TweakScale modules Because I find that the most common fatal error is issue #34: Duplicated properties | It would be a good addon. Example: If x.cfg has Module[Tweakscale] for z part and y.cfg has Module[Tweakscale] for z part, they will confilct. N.dll would disable one of the tweakscale modules to prevent conficts. Correct me if I have suggested this already
  3. @Prathtel I dont know. I just started RSS and I cant download RSSVE. this is a Real problem for evreyone.
  4. Amazing! The loading time went from 586.434 to 434.323! I dont know how it is done but this is amazing!
  5. @Starwaster I tried Doing what you said using by adding ModuleHeatshield to the command pods via MM , The Maxtemp stayed the same. MM Config:
  6. @Tbonesss Dont worry, Its just TweakScale telling you not to scale those parts. If you can give me your ksp.log you can make a Patch to fix them by removing the Tweakscale module from those corrupted parts. Causes of Tweakscale Fatal Errors: 1. Duplicated Configs 2. The part itself is not compatible with Tweakscale
  7. Im playing RSS With DeadlyReentry, Some command pods and parts that would be rated for 2000K in stock blow up when exposed to the slightest amount of heating. I tried to edit the .cfg's in the parts to something like 2700K and it showed up in the VAB to be 1300K. Is there a .cfg that halves the heat tolerence?
  8. @Lisias Is there a Way to scale stock fairings? They break when scaled
  9. The docking port variants that are added by ReStock are not Compatible with the stock ones, Also the variants added by restock are smaller than default
  10. I have a few Issues to report: The docking port Variants Restock adds are not compatible with Regular docking ports. The Docking port variants are smaller than the regular docking ports, Uncovering the texture beneath it
  11. I have a Issue to report: The OKEB-150 "Halo" has no Collider, it can not be moved around in the VAB
  12. @MulDoomI dont see any Fatals or errors or even warnings in the log! It must be something in the Computer itself... So, I cant really do anything about this, sorry...
  13. Yes, @cineboxandrew I have Near future solar, and I have been ksp ever since it has been released. I am merely suggesting some ideas for these amazing mods. Restock is amazing in its simple form but amazing effect. A shrouded Gigantor XL solar panel variant is what I think this mod needs plus a few other small improvements.