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  1. Awesome! Thanks again for tackling this mod. I noticed that the liquid fuel held in the grappler was reduced from 400 to 150. Is this the solution for making it more of a "tug" and less of a fully functional vessel as mentioned earlier in the thread?
  2. I actually got Extraplanetary Launchpad to work with this mod in 1.7.3. The craft still doesn't want to stay stable though. Yaws around at max thrust like crazy most of the time, but there is the odd occasion that it will hold a course at max thrust. It's a shame because I absolutely love this craft.
  3. I downloaded and tested out the new version of the tug and I am grateful that someone picked this thing up for an overhaul. I noticed that the overhead lights on the orbital tug command module don't light up or have an option in the UI to be turned off and back on again. The cabin light works but puts out a very small amount of light so having a working tug with enough light to perform operations on the dark side of orbits would be helpful. Is there any chance that light functionality is on the list of things to add? I looked on Github and didn't see any mention of lights as an issue. Thanks again and keep up the great work!