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  1. Here is my entry, without SAS, crashing 735 km away from KSC after 18 minutes of flight
  2. If I want to land (and don't care about the landing site), direct reentry. If I want to go in orbit, propulsive braking (I find aerobraking too dangerous in this situations, I have no way to know in what orbit I will end up, and I don't bring a heat shield except on landers). If I want to capture at Jool, Laythe or Tylo gravity assist.
  3. This shouldn't be a problem if you keep the retrograde straight down (ie. don't overburn and start going up again).
  4. Once when I was reentering a spaceplane with SAS on prograde, il was oscillating weirdly, and stopping the SAS stopped the oscillations. Except that time, I never had any problem with it (or the problem came from a lack of control, not the SAS itself).
  5. 1.7.3 I have a 1.4 install for one of my missions using an older modpack and it just seems so wrong, the broken burn time indicator, the old Terrier and Poodle designs, and some newer mods not working. Also the 1.6 delta-v indicator which sometimes works when the KER one is broken, and the 1.7 maneuver node editor which makes possible to edit the node and look at the trajectory at the same time. Even having started to play in 1.5 and never having played older than 1.4, I see the huge progress that has been made since in making the game easier to play.
  6. The answer is simple : bring more pilots (or should I say : MOAR PILOTZ) !
  7. Just a small question, will the 2.5 m heat shield work correctly with the Pandora command module ? EDIT : found out that no, so how can I transport a crew of 4 without being something ridiculous ? EDIT 2 : tweakscaling a heat shield works, and Decoupler Shroud can make it look good, so it's ok.
  8. After many more redisigns, and many launch attempts with either TWR or delta-v being way to low, I have finally successfully launched my probe into orbit. It's now in orbit and slowly increasing its apoapsis on its way to Minmus. The rest of the mission will come as an imgur album when it's finished. This is the final design, 6.991 t at launch And here is the probe in orbit, during one of its orbit raising burns
  9. It's Sneaky Adventure by Kevin MacLeod.
  10. My challenge was to land on Minmus with only the deorbit burn and the brakes. If I brake using the engines it's a bit pointless for my challenge. But as said @Loskene, I should maybe try having the forward gear higher than the rear gear, so the rear gear touches first. I chose this landing site because at first sight it was the longest flat area.
  11. Payload of 634 kg, with ionic propulsion and a delta-v of 11.3 km/s. The main problem is that it can only do 140 m/s at once before running out of electricity. Total launch mass is 6.95 t Now the question is figuring out what I can do with all this delta-v. Maybe a series of landings on low gravity moons (Minmus, Gilly, Pol and Bop). And maybe I should remove some fuel to add some electricity. EDIT : After a bit of redesigning, here is my final version, 6.991 t at launch. Delta-v has been slightly reduced to 10.9 km/s but more electricity means it will be able to do 250 m/s at once (which is enough to land on all low gravity moons). I have decided to settle on a tour of the four low gravity moons (Minmus, Gilly, Pol and Bop) and then if there is enough fuel remaining do something. EDIT 2 : I discovered that the OKTO2 doesn't have any reaction wheel, so I added one and removed some fuel from the second stage. Now total launch mass is 6.841 t.
  12. My goal is quite simple : land horizontally on Minmus. But fulfilling it is an other level of difficulty. I feel it's possible, but it just seems so hard. Anyway, here is my first try that didn't bounce off right on touchdown : Has anyone ever successfully done this ? I would like to know. I have seen someone on the forums, but it was at 60 m/s, not 160 m/s (still very impressing though).
  13. If I understand things correctly, the best place to do a reverse gravity assist is at periapse. So try to pou your periapse on Tylo's orbit, and then tweak the maneuver nodes to get an intercept there. If Tylo doesn't work, try Laythe. If you don't get the encounter at periapse, you will need a burn to either brake or raise the periapse above the atmosphere.
  14. Actually the point in Tylo or Laythe assist is not doing any capture burn. If done correctly the gravity assist alone should be enough to get anywhere in the Jool system.
  15. Mine takes about 6 minutes, with KSRSS, Rescale, Near Future, Planetary Base Systems, TAC Life Support and some other smaller stuff.