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  1. I have updated my TweakScale, and the problem still happens the same way. Here is the new log : https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/361568200720121876/745610440738078791/KSP.log
  2. I remade the test without KER and with ZeroMiniAVC, here is the new log : https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/689547976464400385/745225931068669992/KSP.log I also tried filling the tank to make it heavier (previous tests were with the tank empty IIRC) but that didn't change anything EDIT : I also tried releasing it from orbit, and indeed the problem is that the ore tank gets launched with high speed (27.8 m/s) The log (it's the same file as before, the new part starts after reverting to launch) : https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/724312025081053255/745229242928988180/KS
  3. Thanks for your help, here my ksp.log ending right after the part is released and destroyed https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/361568200720121876/744588032929431553/KSP.log And here is the craft file, using Tweakscale and Infernal robotics (the complete mod list for my save is in the ksp.log) https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/361568200720121876/744589210111180880/Mars_lanceur_et_bras.craft
  4. After unloading my craft and loading it again, it looks like this. Does it only happen to me or is it a known bug ?
  5. I have a modded install with Tweakscale (on KSRSS, and the craft has Infernal Robotics parts, I don't know if it's relevant). I made a robotic arm with a tweakscaled 10 cm claw grabbing a tweakscaled 10 cm ore tank, but the ore tank is instantly destroyed when I release it from the claw. Any idea why this bug happens and how to solve it ?
  6. It seems to work even on quite hard landings, thank you very much !
  7. Has someone ever had a problem like this ? Also it has a weird bug with the brakes when loaded, if I try to begin taking speed it won't move, I have to toggle the brakes on and off. It might be related, or it might just be my bad designing or piloting. The weird thing is that generally on test flights, it lands correctly the first time and then when I quickload it tumbles upon landing.
  8. I have increased the spring, and it doesn't clip into the ground anymore, but it still starts dancing when it gets to 10 m/s Edit : Actually it still clips into the ground sometimes, but not always. And also it flips sometimes, even though it isn't clipped. Edit 2 : I don't know what I dit, but now it works
  9. I am having a lot of problems with a small plane : it spawns with its wheels clipped into the ground, making it unflyable. Craft file (needs Tweakscale) : https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/361568200720121876/677097630345723904/VSS_Moineau.craft Is there a way to prevent it from clipping ?
  10. Is there a way to merge two previously built crafts (if I want to build and test different parts of my spacecraft separately, then merge them to launch them together) ? I know that I can build a part, then test it, then edit it and launch the whole spacecraft, but I haven't found any option to merge two different previously built parts.
  11. For landing and launching in orbit, I bring about 100 to 200 m/s margin, because I never know exactly how much I will need. For other stages, either I plan the flight plan before and I bring almost no margin, or I don't have a flight plan and i just scrap a random amount of delta-v that looks good enough.
  12. "Best" KSP players will take you to anywhere, Danny2462 will take you to infinity. Other than that, Scott Manley of course, Everyday Astronaut when I have enough time to watch his livestreams, Stratzenblitz75, Shadowzone and Matt Lowne.
  13. Here is my entry, without SAS, crashing 735 km away from KSC after 18 minutes of flight
  14. If I want to land (and don't care about the landing site), direct reentry. If I want to go in orbit, propulsive braking (I find aerobraking too dangerous in this situations, I have no way to know in what orbit I will end up, and I don't bring a heat shield except on landers). If I want to capture at Jool, Laythe or Tylo gravity assist.
  15. This shouldn't be a problem if you keep the retrograde straight down (ie. don't overburn and start going up again).
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