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  1. Hi there, today I enabled the strategy "To Boldly Go I" in JNSQ / Kerbalism installation (1.8.1). Unfortunately I could not receive any funds for discovering new biomes and sending that science. The science from the new biomes has been transmitted completely. In non-JNSQ installations I've never had problems and since JNSQ provides own Strategia configs I wanna know if someone else experienced this problem too? If someone wants to peek into my logs / cache files: ksp.log, player.log and MM cache Thanks in advance Patsch
  2. Hi there, If got a problem with a specific Avionics core. Because its called RP0probeAvionics I hope I'm in the right thread =). Problem: The avionics module get overheated while reentry and the heat shield does not seem to work at all. So I checked the ModuleManager.ConfigCache and I think, that the module got a wrong configured second drag cube which is too big. I guess that invisible drag cube is quite bigger as the core and also bigger than the 1m heatshield. But since I have almost no glue about part configs I might be wrong: TechRequired = avionicsPrototypes cost =
  3. Hi @linuxgurugamer! Its the first time I used Janitors Closet in a RSS / RO / RP1 installation and I like it very much. But unfortunately it produces some stuttering. Game stops for like 1-2 seconds... running again for 3 seconds, stops again for 1-2 seconds. This repeats for about 6-8 times after I changed the scene. After that first stuttering everything is working perfect. Scenes where it happens: VAB / Tracking Station / Launchpad. SPH I've somehow not testet. I uninstalled JC, tested it again -> no stutter. Installed it -> stuttering as described. In that time
  4. Hi @nanobug, unfortunately not. But I also didn't spend more time to find a solution. :-/ Regards PatSch
  5. Hi Snark! Some time ago you answered to a bug report (NRE, getOrbit()): But unfortunately the only BBT version containing the fix is for KSP 1.8. My plan was to fork it, revert the latest commit and add the fix taken from your 1.8 commit and kinda re release it. I was trying to figure out the rules for that and found your "paper" about forking and maintaining an actively supported mod in the Kopernicus thread and you know what: I gave up that plan for reasons. So may I ask you to recompile BBT containing that fix against 1.7.3? Kind regards and thanks in advance Pat
  6. @TheEnderman and @Dr.Bucket the problem I see is, that at least TheEnderman installed Astronomers Visual Pack. This is wrong. The installation readme says: only copy the texture folder out of the Gamedata/AstronomersVisualPack/EVE. But the GameData folder here is related to the file structure within the zip file, not the GameData folder within your game installation. After you finished copying the texture folder of Astronomers Visual Pack to Ad Astra, remove the AstronomersVisualPack folder of the GameData folder in your installation. =) Kind Regards PatSch
  7. Hi G'th, thanks for the mod. But I have questions :-) For tests I'am running on 1.7.3 Stock with both DLC's and only the mods you've mentioned + the required ones of AVP. 1. You mean every config in KS3P? I removed every cfg except the Configuration.cfg. is this correct? 2. Is it possible to make it work on RSS in general? Using the JNSQ-Config or the stock cfg? With the JNSQ moar Sun cfg or withour? xD 3. Is your KS3P config supposed to run in -force-d3d11 mode or only in "standard" mode? When I run KSP with that option everything gets dark and the Sunlight acts weird
  8. @Jovzin I guess you're running this on KSP 1.8. since this happend to me too as I tested it on 1.8. I think G'th visuals pack isn't meant for running on 1.8 but for 1.7.3 -> [1.7.3] G'ths Visuals for General Gameplay - JNSQ and Stock. Astronomers Visuals Pack states in brackets [1.8.0] but its version file and also the AVC shows up incompatibility to KSP 1.8 and tells you, that it is made for 1.7.3. Anyway. It helps the Mod-Author and people that are trying to help you when you're at least writing your KSP version you have. Also the ksp.log is a good source to find out what you'r
  9. Hi @raidernick, thanks for the great mod. Unfortunately I've got some problems with that playing KSP 1.7.3 in RSS / RP1 / RO config using KSPIE 1.25.2. The probe cores all fall off or are not really attached to other parts when you attach them to the "correct" side. If you put them on the bottom of i.e. a tank they are connected well. Please see the screenshot. I tested a long time with a more minimalistic installation than I currently play to reproduce that bug. As soon as KSPIE is installed, that bug appears. Since other probe cores are still working fine, I wasn't sure to rep
  10. Hi there, for me there is a problem with solar panels. They only load the batteries at 1/1000 of the EC as they should, but the solar power they produce seems to be ok. Logfiles: https://www.file-upload.net/download-13804671/KSP1.7.3-RO-RP1.zip.html Kind regards, Patsch
  11. @nepphhh Thank you for your reply, works perfectly :-) Edit: thanks to @pap1723 too, we posted simultaneously. ^^ Edit 2: Wow, I just flew over the new wiki, great work guys! regards Patsch
  12. Hi! I've got a problem with Procedural Avionics Module when starting a RP-1-v1.2 career in KSP 1.7.3. The Avionics module has no electrical charge at all. When you start a sandbox game instead, everything is working. https://www.file-upload.net/download-13797820/mmcacheksp-log.zip.html Kind regards Patsch
  13. Hi clusta, thanks for your effort. Are these fixes already in your 6.1 Patch1? kind regards PatSch
  14. Thanks a lot @FreeThinker it works perfectly! Kind regards PatSch
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