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  1. What about n-body physics? Dev post mentions binary bodies.
  2. I am planning to buy new PC. Can you recomnent me some CPU for up to 250$ that would handle KSP well?
  3. First suborbital mission Crew: Jebediah Kerman Unfortunately no screenshots for this one. Jebediah Kerman performed first suborbital flight and become the first kerbal in space. Once I started reentering, I noticed that I did not bring heatshield. I was under impression that mk1 had built-in heatshield at the bottom. Fortunately, mk1 pod with Jeb on board survived reentry. Can't say that about multiple science instruments that were sticking from the side of the capsule. Some goo canisters also fell off the capsule when it hit the ocean. Mission status: close call, but
  4. Hi! I decided to get back into KSP after 4 year break. Some things changed, many were added. So, it wont be playtrough of complete newbie, but in not expert too and i will learn as i go. Each mission will have summary stating what went right and what did not. Few rules: USI life support is used, with hard settings - if kerbals run out of supplies or power, after some time they will die. No quick/save load. If kerbal dies during mission, he stays dead. I will only revert flights when launching from kerbin and something goes wrong. 2x funds for contracts - after
  5. Question to OP - will you consider uploading muffler to ckan?
  6. Thanks for info. I plan to use this truss to store lander on interplanetary mission. Otherwise i would need to store it either in front of ship or by the side - and in that case i would need counterbalance on the other side. And regular payload bays are too heavy, no need for fully enclosed space.
  7. Just started career with this mod and i think its quite good. Just a little thought.. Shoudlnt most capsules have at least 1 day of supplies by default? It would sound most logical to me. And about electric charge.. i think lack of power should kill/make-into-tourist kerbal in few hours at most (no fans, co2 scrubbers) instead of two weeks.
  8. I have question. is "cradle" truss from which fuel tank can be ejected, visible on this screen part of this mod? Unfortunetly i cannot check right now myself.
  9. So... in practice it could be used for temporarly rising TWR during landings?
  10. What are the mods with some large aerobreaking heatshield - larger that stock inflatable one? Bonus points for some mechanism to expand/retrack shield to make it easier to launch it from kerbin.
  11. Hey. I remember playing with these parts back in the day. Just wanted to say that it would be cool if someone released standalone pack of station parts scaled up to 2 or even 3 meters. Current 1.25m are bit too small for station parts, kerbal can baerly fit in
  12. Hey, just wanna say that im happy someone is still working on this mod.
  13. Hi. I noticed that solar particle collector can gather 5 science readings until it becomes full. And magnetometer or telescope can only gather one sample. And telescope becomes inoperable after transmitting. Is it normal? Maybe some mods are screwing with dmagic parts.
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