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  1. yea knew about part count but not about docking ports... tha's helpfull since i have them all over:)
  2. Well mods i have is mostly kis, kas, gc and mks where i've found this mod. other than that just alarm clock and dock alligment but that shouldnt affect mechanics... is there one specific mod u think that could affect that so i can try without it. but what's about issue with lag while gc is constructing? once had to load old savegame and delate one build bc everytime i tried docking ship at that station game crashed... terrible lag. any idea?
  3. Found solution for issue with exploding DYI containers on the ground... not sure if same work for space ones but... mooved ground assembly line with winches so it lay's perfectly horisontal.. from every can exploding on creation to none yet. gravity sucks but yay for the fix